A weekend in Åhus

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Who doesn’t love a weekend trip? Whether the aim is to recharge, eat good food, discover a new city, or spend two days adventuring – a weekend away is always a good idea. Here is why you should visit Åhus.

I would never say no to a classic weekend getaway to the vibrant cultural city of Malmö or the seaside village Kivik in Österlen. But there are so many more places to explore. One of these is Åhus – the perfect place to stay when exploring the northeastern parts of Skåne

Why stay in Åhus?

The northeastern parts of Skåne offer several vacation locations suitable for a weekend away. Book yourself a bed and breakfast in Åhus, a city with remains from the time of the Vikings. The city’s old parts are well preserved and walking along the cobblestoned streets you will see relics from medieval times. 

Åhus is a perfect location to have as your base, as it is a vibrant city all year long, and has several guesthouses and hotels to choose from.

What to do

About 20 kilometers southwest of Åhus lays the stunning nature reserve Forsakar. Its winding paths go through beech woods and around waterfalls. It is no wonder that there are many ancient myths and stories about trolls and magical creatures remaining in this region. 

Another stunning area is the Hills of Brösarp, Brösarps Backar. Skåne is as a county very flat, and the hills might thus not be as high, but they still attract many hikers.

 ©Flickr/Guillaume Baviere
©Flickr/Guillaume Baviere

Another perfect day trip from Åhus is to visit the old castle of Wanås. The castle’s grounds have been remade into an outdoor exhibition of international modern art. Walk around the old and beautiful castle grounds and admire the Wanås art installations from artists all over the world.

Food and drinks

After a visit to the Hills of Brösarp, visit the Brösarp Inn, Brösparps Gästgifveri. The inn has an old fashion feel with a modern touch, serving rustic food with a twist. 

One of the best fine dining experiences in Skåne is found in the small city of Skåne-Tranås. Visit the world-renowned chef's Daniel Berlin restaurant, Berlin Tavern, for a remarkable food experience.  

For those who love their fish, a visit to one of the smokehouses is a must. Äspet Smokehouse is located in Åhus, and you can both enjoy freshly smoked fish at the restaurant and buy delicatessens at the shop. 

© Wikipedia/Helen Simonsson
© Wikipedia/Helen Simonsson

Back in Åhus, take the opportunity to tour the famous distillery Absolut Vodka, which started and still produces its products in Åhus. Worth a visit is also the beer brewery Charlis, that is located on the grounds of the castle Trolle Ljungby. Here you can try different sorts of beer and even take a course in brewing your own. 

Visit Åhus if you want a tranquil weekend in a seaside city, with several surrounding day-trip opportunities. 

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Maria Lundin Osvalds

Maria Lundin Osvalds

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