Photography and Hipster life in Stockholm

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A stroll in SoFo

The sky is grey. Does it really matter? Cross a bridge. Or two. Hit the street, leave your hostel. Let me bring you to another world.

We are still in Stockholm. It’s Saturday again. We walk across Södermalm, one of the islands of the city. Do you feel the atmosphere? It’s neither the touristy Gamla Stan nor the concrete Central Station area. It smells the vintage furniture and clothes. It smells the freshly brewed coffee and the IPA beer. Welcome in SoFo: three hipster streets squeezed in between a large square and a nice park. Wander there a couple of minutes. Stop by in a chic bohemian café or a vinyl shop and enter in another world.

A bit further is Katarina Kyrka. It’s not an everyday church: the inside is remodeled in fashionable grey tones. It doesn't look like the usual churches, it's way more modern. I would love to hear the organ sounding in the choir again and make my heart beat harder.

The rain is threating us now. Let’s flee in Fotografiska, the photography museum of Stockholm. Trust me we are not the only one! Depending on the hour we may have to queue a bit but it’s worth the wait. The place is about temporary exhibitions. I love those opened windows on a different perspective or universe. It’s difficult to explain how I lived “Last Night in Sweden”, how I saw fashion, workers and famous people through Irving Penn’s eyes. Or how I lost myself in “Being there” of Paul Hansen. But that was in September 2017. Explore what’s there at the moment. Surprise yourself.

That’s where I leave you. Take your time, open your eyes. Don’t forget to stare at the stairs. Gaze out the windows of the restaurant on the third floor. Watch the paths of strangers only crossing each other thanks to curiosity or love of the art.

Breathe Stockholm air.


... Practical Corner

SoFo is a small area but you can find a lot of nice shop. If you like vintage etc. it could take you some time!

Fotografiska is a wonderful museum and the exhibitions are often changing. The entrance fee is 135 SEK (105 for seniors, students and groups, free for children) and you have to pay it by card! No cash there!

SoFo is not the only neighbourhood is Stockholm. Take my hand and follow me in Gamla Stan...

As everywhere in Sweden the bed linen are not included in the dormitory. Either you have yours (sleeping bags are not allowed) or you pay an extra... Think about it if you travel for a long time/small budget...

This story is inspired by my trip in Stockholm, Sweden in September 2017.

The author

Eileen Robinson

Eileen Robinson

I’m Eileen, a Belgian living in France. I got the travel bug when I was so young that I don’t even remember it. I hope my stories will bring you to travel while reading!

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