Warner Bros Park, Madrid

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If you’re looking for an ideal place to enjoy a picture-perfect day out with your family, together with the little ones and the not so little ones, then the Warner Bros Park in Madrid is definitely the place to be! Dive into an authentic journey through your childhood and learn more about the Warner Bros famous factory. Special shows, parades and fantastic musicals ideal for the whole family, are awaiting to be discovered!

Parque Warner Madrid
Parque Warner Madrid
M-506, 28330 San Martín de la Vega, Madrid, Ισπανία

Located in San Martín de la Vega, a municipality in the south of Madrid, (in fact 30 kilometers from the capital), the Warner Bros Park in Madrid is considered to be one of the most popular Hollywood inspired thematic parks in Europe. Young children can see their favourite cartoon characters at Cartoon Village: Donald Duck, Tweety, Bugs Bunny, Coyote, Tom & Jerry.., while the Old West Territory area takes you back to the Wild West, with huge, wooden roller coasters and wild, dangerous waterfalls.

The park is divided in 5 themed areas, (like the rest of the parks of this style), adapted to different age groups and with appropriate attractions for each group of those. Warner park is said to be one of the safest parks in Spain, so feel free to allow your kids to stroll around without worrying.

The leisure complex is divided into five themed areas: the Hollywood Boulevard, the Cartoon Village, the Old West Territory, the Super Heroes World and the Movie World Studios. It covers more than 150 hectares, a large area where you can enjoy yourself, while surrounded by the most beloved cartoon characters from Warner Bros, amidst thrilling attractions, roller coasters and family-friendly activities, designed to suit all ages and tastes!

Upon the entrance, you’re given a bracelet which grants you access to all the facilities. Those facilities can be divided into three categories: the actual attractions , the diverse restaurants and the souvenir shops that can be found around the area. At the same time you’re being given a map that allows you to plan your trip to the park even more easily! (in fact, the map visualises almost everything and helps you move around with an ease).

And since I’ve recently been there…here are a few tips that you probably wanna keep in mind before going there!

Tips and tricks!

Buy tickets online , they are actually quite cheaper if you buy them early! If you’re planning to eat there, again reserve your menu in advance, yes you can also do it online while buying your tickets! Check if you can find any bonus websites and discount coupons... Sometimes they launch special discounts through multiple internet sites (remember, after all it’s a Warners’ park!!). Bring water with you! Yes, you can also find it there, but of course it’s gonna cost you a fortune! Take a pair of microfiber towels that do not weigh or occupy much and dry up easily. Yes, again you’re gonna need them, you or your children are gonna get seriously wet! And last but not least…do not forget your camera! You’re about to make some lifetime memories, so you better be equipped! You want your shots to be great!


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