An authentic trip in Sardinia, in Ogliastra province.

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The Ogliastra province, located in the Center-East of the island, will offer you everything you could possibly look for. See the white-sand creeks in the Golfo di Orosei. Some of them are only accessible by boat (e.g. Cala Mariolu) or after hours of walk (Cala Goloritze, Cala Sisine). Food is great anywhere: you will have culurgiones or maloreddus (traditional pasta), then Su porcheddu (roast pig), all with a glass of Cannonau (local red wine) and pane carasau (traditional flat bread, called “carta di musica” in italian). This page proposes two great spots to eat, among plenty others: Albergo Sant’Elene, agriturismo S'Ozzastru. The residence Is Murtas is a perfect place to stay, on a hill facing the Mediterranean sea, while not too far from the closest white-sand beaches (10 minutes by car). Last but not least, you will have the possibility to enter into the highest cave in Europe, Grotta Su Marmuri. Conclusion: whatever the way you travel, whether you are alone, with friends or family, you will love it.

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Nicolas Casula

Nicolas Casula

I got the travel virus when taking a 5-months travel break a few years ago. I believe that every place, every area is worth unveiling. Beauty lies everywhere.

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