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The best way to discover all the secrets of Belgrade is to scratch under its surface and get down among the old layers of the city. Beyond you will find not just the underground, but a real city under the city, dating back to thousand years before. The magical legends you will learn about will go beyond your expectations. Let’s continue our journey of Belgrade tales with this special tour, Belgrade under Belgrade.

Belgrade is a city that has been inhabited for 7,000 years, and completely destroyed 300 times. Belgrade was born in Kalemegdan. That is the place where everything began and ended. It is difficult to say if there is a city in the world that has been destroyed and rebuilt so many times

Belgrade is a place of battles where many conquerors have been fighting over cultural dominance for centuries. However, it is also a city tremendously respected both by its conquerors and defenders, due to its breathtaking fortresses. It is said that the Kalemegdan fortress is a place where Belgrade was born and died several times. It is difficult to say if there is a city in the world that has been destroyed and rebuilt so many times to the ground. The remains of the underground below the fortress hide many interesting tales and hundreds of sites such as caves, lagoons, enclosed rivers, tunnels and bunkers. The underground tells the legend of Belgrade from the Roman, Austrian, Turkish and Serbian periods, each of which carries an authentic charm. These are the tales that even most of the Belgrade born are not aware of.

The two hour long group tour available for everyone includes several underground sites that perfectly depict the treasure and rich history of Belgrade. All the information about the tour itself as well as where you can buy the tickets you may find at the Kalemegdan Fortress. Guides are professionals, among whom are renowned professors Vidoje Golubovic and Zoran Nikolic, writers of the book Belgrade under Belgrade.

Among many interesting spots, one of the stops is in a bunker built in the mid-20th century on the Kalemegdan Fortress, where all the visitors can hear some of the conspiracy theories and spy secrets of Yugoslavia and Tito's political game between great powers.

The visitors of the tour also have the opportunity to touch the walls of the complexes which, as the last defense from the Turks, were built by the Austrians after 1717 for the preservation of the most important goods – gunpowder. The tunnel through which the visitors pass is 200 years old and it leads to another lagoon. Finally, in the wine lagoon, which consists of 3 lagoons connected by tunnels, the visitors will go back to the time of the liberation of Serbia from the Turks, with mandatory wine tasting.

I hope all of this is a an inspiration for you to visit the localities under the fortress that depict the stories of Belgrade's unusual history, fate and legends, and give answers to some of the enigmas that have been keeping all the historians on the loop for centuries. So hurry up and dwelve into Belgrade under Belgrade.

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