El Campo de la Cebada- An urban botellon spot!

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So let’s say that you’re a lost tourist wandering around Madrid. You’ve been walking the whole day, visiting the majority of the touristic stuff listed on your personal map. Yes, you’ve been to the Plaza Mayor, yes you've bought your souvenirs from Plaza de Sol, yes you’ve seen the Opera, yes you’ve walked from Malasana to Chueca and back to the center. It’s been a long day and you already feel exhausted. However, you’re in Spain, you can’t go home, it’s always too early! (spanish standards here we go!). You are aware that your night cannot just end that fast. You just need a pause, a relaxing drink that will help you charge your batteries in order to continue exploring the Spanish capital.

You don’t feel like going again to a bar since you know that very soon you’re gonna be wandering from bars to bars. Nightlife is about to begin in 3,2,1…(that’s what the Spanish do, jumping from bar to bar during the whole night!).

You’re thinking…what do the locals do? Where do they get some rest throughout the day? Where do they drink before a big night out? And here comes my suggestion!

El Campo de la Cebada, Madrid
El Campo de la Cebada, Madrid
Campo de la Cebada, Plaza de la Cebada, 16, 28005 Madrid, Ισπανία

If you ever feel like drinking like a local then I guess you should pay a visit to the Campo de la Cebada. The Campo de la Cebada is actually a small urban space, more like a park, situated right in front of the La Latina metro stop. You can’t really see that, unless you know its entrance! It’s open all day and it’s a space for creation, a space for relaxation and a space for exercising, well a space for everything! Its walls are decorated with amazing and impressive graffitis while many benches are installed welcoming the people any time of the day! At the same time there’s a small basketball court while ramps for skateboarding can also be found right next to it.

La Latina, Madrid
La Latina, Madrid
Barrio de La Latina, 28005 Madrid, Spain

People tend to go there to eat, (well, think it’s a park, you gotta bring your own food), to chill and of course to drink. The place is quite popular since it’s a great botellon location; people buy their own alcohol and drink there prior to their big night out. In a few words they just gather there to drink and then they hit the bars! Come on, I’m pretty sure you know what the botellon is, right?

The place hosts many times street artists and musicians while at the same time it can be used by the “alternative clubs & associations” for films’ viewing! Yeah, there is a huge white wall therefore all they need is a projector and they have an urban cinema. That happens mainly in summer, i guess if you’re lucky enough you’re gonna bump onto one while traveling to Madrid!

In any case, it’s a place super beautiful to chill and spend some time with your friends! Remember to bring your food and your drinks since like the most of the parks, it’s not a bar! Socialise, meet people and get ready to practice your Spanish! (everyone’s just too social and very friendly there, you’ll see)!

If you get there early you’ll have the chance to grab some food from the Mercado de la Cebada, which is literally next to the park and offers a great variety of tapas and drinks!

El Mercado de la Cebada, Madrid
El Mercado de la Cebada, Madrid
Plaza de la Cebada, s / n, 28005 Madrid, Spain

Feel local in Madrid! Have some food at the Mercado & grab a beer at the Campo de la Cebada!

The pictures used in this page have been taken by me! Enjoy!

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