Madrid’s local festivities and celebrations

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While spending my summer here, I‘ve realized that literally, Madrid is the city that never sleeps! (Not even when it’s 40 degrees and you’re desperately just looking for an “airconditioned” bar to spend your day in!). Summer in Madrid sounds and feels “hot” however, believe me, there’s no better time to explore the city, to participate in the local fiestas and to actually feel the city’s culture! Madrid's history and tradition cannot be understood without its famous "verbenas" or open-air festivities, three of which are being held in neighbouring districts on successive dates during August.

These celebrations have a strong community spirit and are an inseparable part of the real Madrid, one that holds dear its traditional image as a party-loving, sociable city with one simple aim - to have a good time. And of course, it extends a very warm welcome to anyone wanting to join in. The programme of events typically includes children's games and competitions, card tournaments, performances by bands and pop groups, tapas routes and the procession honouring the saint or virgin in whose name the festival is being held.

Then again, Madrid nightlife is so fierce on a weekly basis that you don't need to plan your trip around a special festival to guarantee a crazy party. Madrileños take their festivals seriously; after all it’s a great excuse to hit the streets and enjoy the company of friends, music and, of course, alcohol.

Below you may find some of the most popular festivals and celebrations taking place in Madrid, in summer and throughout the year, so keep in mind when you’re visiting the capital!

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