Casa Lucio; the best “huevos rotos” in town

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Recently I had the chance to visit one of Madrid’s most iconic and famous restaurants. All of my Spanish friends used to talk with excitement about “Casa Lucio” and its delicious “huevos rotos con patatas”; I’ve been always wondering what makes that dish that unique, that they just can’t stop talking about it! As I said, eventually I tried it last week and in fact my local friends were right; it was unexpectedly delicious! That’s why I decided to present you this page, since I think that Casa Lucio is a place that should definitely be added on itinari’s must-go and must-eat list.

Huevos rotos con patatas

Well let me start from the beginning by defining the spanish term used above; huevos rotos con patatas is actually being literally translated as broken/smashed eggs on potatoes (therefore it’s not exactly an omelette but I guess we can say that it’s a type of it). Huevos rotos are one of those Spanish dishes that seem so simple and basic– borderline boring even– that it is a shock to the system when you realize how amazingly delicious they really are. They are traditionally served over homemade french fries which are fried in Spanish olive oil and tossed with sea salt. The trick to these eggs is to fry them only until perfectly over easy and to break the yolk with the tip of a knife just before eating.

Casa Lucio

With its 19th-century Spanish tavern-style decor and its lively atmosphere, Casa Lucio embodies the traditional values of Madrid cuisine like no other restaurant. In fact it’s one of the oldest restaurants in Madrid and indeed no-one leaves that place without having ordered the amazing smashed eggs with potatoes, which is considered to be the restaurant’s specialty.

Casa Lucio, Madrid
Casa Lucio, Madrid
Calle Cava Baja, 35, 28005 Madrid, Spain
"For years asking for an egg while at a restaurant was an attribute mainly of the poor people who couldn’t afford eating something else from the menu; today I have managed, I believe, to transform those eggs not only in a luxury, but in an international luxury,” says Lucio, the famous owner of the restaurant. “My eggs gained such a reputation because in fact, nobody makes them like me," he says.

The restaurant is based in La Latina neighbourhood and it is frequented by politicians, artists, bullfighters and even His Majesty, the King of Spain (which obviously means that booking is required in order to enjoy a delightful meal here).

La Latina, Madrid
La Latina, Madrid
Barrio de La Latina, 28005 Madrid, Spain

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