One week in De Panne, west end of the Belgian coast

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Who would think about spending a week on the Belgian coast, when local climate gets so often associated with rain, clouds, and winds ? Well, think twice. Very popular among the French living beyond the border (5 minutes away) as well as Belgians, De Panne is known for being one of the sunniest locations in the country, thanks to the wind that pushes the clouds away. Many tourists have decided to go there on a regular basis, even own a small apartment; they see the town as a privileged spot for breathing fresh air and relaxing. De Panne is an ideal place to stay, especially as a family with young kids, as you will have the opportunity to spend a day in Plopsaland, famous theme Park, to go to educational farms, or to walk on the seaside promenade. If you want to take your car, note that Bruges and the Zwin reserve are within one-hour reach. You may also decide to go to nearby England (why not?), as the terminal to get on the Euroshuttle is 40 minutes away, in Calais (France), and crossing the Channel requires no more than half-an-our.

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Nicolas Casula

Nicolas Casula

I got the travel virus when taking a 5-months travel break a few years ago. I believe that every place, every area is worth unveiling. Beauty lies everywhere.

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