Moere, my beloved no man's land

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Even though I do not live in the busy part of Ostend, there is one place I know that is even more silent and peaceful nearby. Moere, my beloved no man's land, a small village with beautiful fields to walk in all year around.

The hidden gem of Belgium

In the winter you can enjoy the open fields and the typical view of trees that have lost all their leaves. This gives it the landscape a special charm. In the summer there will be more people in Moere, since lots of people pass through this nature by bike or follow a walking route that passes by Moere. Since the fields are land from farmers they change looks all throughout the year. One moment the fields are completely naked and you will be able to see the dirt. Only a few months later there could be corn towering out in front of you while standing on the exact same spot.

Finding your inner self

Because of all the fields, the open spaces and the low amount of traffic this is another ideal spot to go and take a walk with your loyal companion. It is the ideal moment to find some peace on your own or have a good conversation while walking with your beloved, friends or family.

The one thing I find surprising about this village is that you can find zebra's and kangaroo's kept by locals in the village. Something you usually don't see in Belgium.

No hungry stomachs to be seen here

If you are hungry after your walk, you can always take a break in restaurant "De Lysse" for a nice meal. In the fall, they are known for their delicious meals of game, such as hare, deer, wild boar and so on. I can advice you the stew made of deer, absolutely delicious.

If you like this small and hidden gem from Belgium, then I am certain you will also like these places in Belgium. But Moere will always be my beloved no man's land.

Walking in Moere
Walking in Moere
Moere, 8470 Gistel, Belgium
De Lysse
De Lysse
Provincieweg 134, 8470 Gistel, Belgium

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Eline Melis

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