At the Belgian coast

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Spending a day at the coast is meant to be nice and relaxing. These tips below can help you prepare, so you can make the best out of your holiday. And you don't have to worry about anything.


In Belgium we have lifeguards guarding almost the entire coastline between July and August. This means that you can safely swim between 10:30 AM and 6:30 PM on the guarded parts of the coastline. Outside of these hours you are advised not to swim. If you do and need to be saved, all the costs of the rescue operation (helicopters,...) are for your own account.

Dogs on the beach

If you are travelling the world with your loyal four legged companion it might be interesting to research the places on the coastline were dogs are allowed. (Most of the time dogs are allowed in the dunes.) This way you won't get in trouble and you can spend your day in peace.

Food thiefs

The one animal you will see almost everywhere is the seagull. Did you know that in Belgium it is forbidden to feed them? There are fines of hundreds of euros placed on feeding them (In Ostend this can cost you up to 250 euro). It is also advised to be very careful if you want to eat on the coastline, since they will steal your food if an opportunity arises. I learned this the hard way and had my food stolen by this evil looking one in the picture.


When you go to the beach on a busy day with children it might be hard for them to find you on the beach after they took a swim in the sea. That is why there are poles placed on the beach with for example a fish or a boat (or a banana) on it. This way your child can remember the animal on the pole and find you quickly.

Savor the classic "Mussels and fries" in Ostende
Savor the classic "Mussels and fries" in Ostende
8400 Ostend, Belgium
ferry Ostend western-eastern bank
ferry Ostend western-eastern bank

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