Cover picture credits ©: zm_photo
Cover picture credits ©: zm_photo

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Prague's natural reserve- Divoká Šárka

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Divoká Šárka is the stunning green secret no one talks about when visiting Prague.

Prague’s beautiful valley, Divoká Šárka is composed of cliffs and magical woodlands, which reach deep into the horizon of the natural reserve. From fairytale-like passageways to rocky walls, Divoká Šárka is not your ordinary small park in the country’s capital, Prague.

Divoka Sarka
Divoka Sarka
Wild Sarka, 164 00 Praha-Praha 6, Τσεχία

The nature reserve, Divoká Šárka (wild Šárka), got its name after a female warrior Šárka. According to the Bohemian legends, Šárka allegedly threw herself off one of the cliffs in the parklands as she betrayed her lover Ctirad. The stunning nature reserve is not far from its city center, located in the Prague 6 area, and is reachable by tram and bus. Prague’s largest green reserve gives you the possibility to escape the city madness and busyness, without traveling too far outside of the city.

© Photo: fotoman-kharkov

The park is known for its wild and beautiful nature, and due to its size you will most probably never witness the same experience and scenery. As you walk through the park you will come across a large rock creation called Divci skok (maiden jump), which became quite an attraction for most visitors.

Divoká Šárka also has two swimming pools, which are very popular during the hot summer period, as people try to find a means to cool off. Near the pool you can also find a vast water reservoir, which turns into an ice skating ring during the winter times. Other sports possibilities include racket sports, tennis, and volleyball.

Divoka Sarka swimming pool
Divoka Sarka swimming pool
Divoká Šárka 8/2, 164 00 Praha 6-Liboc, Czechia

Divoká Šárka is a great getaway from the busy city life, as it offers possibilities for all age groups and various interests. Whether you want to have a nice relaxing picnic, to hike, to go for an adventurous bike ride or indulge in a good run, Divoká Šárka has something to offer for everyone.

Because of the size and richness of the parklands, there is something for everyone in this stunning reserve. The park’s population is composed of more than 60 different types of birds, as well as fish, which inhabit the park’s waters, one of them being the Litovicky stream, which totals 20 kilometers in length.

© Photo: Tuomas_Lehtinen

Even if sports and cliffs are not your cup of tea, Divoká Šárka’s charm lies in its botanical features including various kinds of trees, wood as well as a magnificent cherry orchard. Whether you are going for a jog, bringing your kids to the playground, or simply meeting your friends for a drink, you will be surrounded by picturesque views and nature.

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