Cover picture © Credits to SIME4cornersimages
Cover picture © Credits to SIME4cornersimages
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A space for everything - Blloku

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During the communist period, Blloku was a restricted residential area for the members of the Albanian politburo and ordinary albanians were not allowed to go there. Following the fall of communism, Blloku was transformed into a place that welcomed everyone. A quirky area in the shape of a small neighborhood, Blloku makes the most famous area in Tirana and a meeting point for everyone who seeks some entertainment.


One can find everything at Blloku, starting from bars, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, hostels, shops and boutiques and that's what makes this area so interesting for everyone ; it offers a large variety of alternatives and things to do. You can choose the place that matches with your interest. If you feel hipster enough there's a lot of bars waiting for you, if you want to party 'til dawn there's nightclubs or if you want to have a coffee and read a book away from the noises that's the right place.

Blloku remains the on top place during all seasons because of its everchanging style, the energy and vividness that offers. Also, there take place lots of street concerts and events. So don't forget to go for a visit at Blloku and create your own panorama of it.

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