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Instagram is for sure a thing nowadays. Some people can't even resist a day without posting a photo there which in a way I find it very interesting, especially when those photos are about places I haven't visited yet. Here, on itinari I read some stories about " How to Instagram places " and recently I read the story of Zlata about the magnificient Ohrid . This way, by being inspired by other editors I decided to write a "How to Instagram Tirana" story.

The central square

The very chaotic square of Tirana is now transformed into a big pedestrian only oasis. No cars, no traffic and no noises. It's the perfect place to take the perfect photo because the lightning is very good and that's what photographers want. If you'd ask me the best time to go there is during the night because people are probably resting at their homes and there will be no one to "break" the view.

The Pyramid

If you are more into old stuff and history then The Pyramid of Tirana it's a must to photograph. This structure was originally serving as a museum about the legacy of Enver Hoxha, the paranoid dictator of Albania. After 1991, following the collapse of Communism, the Pyramid ceased its function as a museum and for several years was repurposed as a conference center and exhibition venue, as well as being rebranded with its current name. During the 1999 Kosovo War, the former museum was used as a base by NATO and humanitarian organizations. Since 2001, part of the Pyramid has been used as broadcasting center by an Albanian TV channel.


Back in the '90s, Tirana was only black, grey and white...Interesting,isn't it? Such a cool place to live. Fortunately, as years went by Tirana kept transforming into a colorful city and in my eyes a little bit childish. Tirana's painted buildings are spread all over the city and also you can spot some great graffitis in them too so !

The artificial lake

How amazing this place is! My all time favorite place in Tirana not only to relax myself but even to capture some great photos during the sunset.

Street Books

Almost everywhere in Tirana, you can spot people selling books in the streets. For me, the image of these books all over the city is what makes the panorama complete. You can find almost any book you are searching for and not only in albanian language but also in english, german, italian and french for cheap prices. As a Psychology student, whenever I want to find the original versions of Freud's books I always go at these "street stores".

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