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All cultures in the heart of Paris

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Paris capital city of France. A huge city where tourists get lost through all the places to see, and were citizen try to find nice places to come rest and eat during their free time. I really like to spend time in Paris but were to go to see a lot of things in a short time? Well I will say in the center of Paris. Near the oldest district L’ile de la cité. Here is one of my best tour of this area.

First I will take my breakfast at the French coffee Angélina, probably the most famous one of Paris. In this coffee you can savor famous French bakery with a nice hot drink, in a luxurious place.

Then you just have to cross the street and enter one of the most famous park of Paris, Le Jardins des Tuileries. In this Park there is my personal favorite museum called L’Orangerie, you will see a lot of painting of Claude Monet, the most famous French painter of the Nineteenth century. Mostly known for the Nymphéas. Painting of a garden that he loved, he did more than 250 paints of this place. If you look across the Seine (the river) you will see a big building with a magisterial timepiece, it’s Le Musée D’Orsay who is today a museum and a big train station at the same time.

After than you can go on the other side of the park toward the Louvre. Going in that direction you will pass under the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, this arc was made by Napoléon to celebrant his victory against the Austrian and Russian and the battel of Austerliz. After that you will be in front of the most famous museum of Paris the Louvre. The biggest museum of France were a lot a famous painting are waiting for you. Even if you had an all-day you couldn’t see all of it. So prepare before what you want to see in it. For me you really shouldn't miss, La Joconde, La liberté Guidant le Peuple, Le Radeau de la Méduse and Le sacre de Napoléon. But there is much more to see so prepare before what you want to see!

Lost in the museum hunger is coming. Perfect at 5mn of walk there is a really famous road called Rue Saint Anne, its full of really little Asiatic restaurant and probably the most authentic of Paris. Look around what Asian specialty you are looking for, and go ahead. My top spots are Higuma and Dosanka. During your walk you will pass near La comedie française and Le Palais Royal. So keep your eyes open!

Then you can go back to the center of Paris on L’ile de la Cité. You will have to cross a bridge to go there Le pont Neuf, or you can go on the one before that I’m sure that you know Le Pont des Art. It’s a bridge were lovers come to seal there love with locker and throw the key in the river. But sadly the city of Paris had to put them down because the bridge was breaking down. When you are on the island you will see the most famous cathedral of the country Notre Dame de Paris you can go on the top of it and see all over the place. But it’s really expansive and there is all the time a lot of people. So I advise you to keep walking until L’institut du monde Arabe. It’s again a museum but what is interesting is to go on the top of it so you can have an awesome view on Paris for free!

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