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Best rooftop bars in Madrid

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Summer is already here and if you’re living or travelling to Madrid I’m pretty sure that you’re desperately looking for the perfect spot to catch this elusive summer breeze while sipping your favourite cocktail! Lucky you, Madrid is definitely the place to be; full of unique, trendy bars and restaurants, some chic, some alternative, some relaxing , Madrid’s rooftops are waiting to be explored!

Living in Madrid sooner or later motivated me to do a quick research and find the best rooftop bars, where you can relax and enjoy a perfect evening, with a fresh-cold drink in your hand and away from the city’s crowded and HOT reality. Considering myself a local and a person who just enjoys such things, here’s a list with my top 5 rooftop bars and their locations! Enjoy!

1) Círculo de Bellas Artes Rooftop

Definitely one of my favourite and easily the top one rooftop bar in the city is the Circulo de Bellas Artes. Located right in the heart of the city, and only a few minutes walking from Gran Via, the Círculo de Bellas Artes rooftop offers probably the most iconic views in Madrid; gaze over Gran Vía, Madrid’s famous Metropolis sign and the beautiful Beaux Arts and Art Deco rooftops! Ideal to catch a romantic sunset while enjoying a refreshing drink and maybe grabbing some local tapas! A 3 euro entrance fee is required, but trust me, it’s definitely worth it! You’ll realise it once you’re on the top of it!

Círculo de Bellas Artes
Círculo de Bellas Artes
Alcalá 42, 28014 Madrid, Spain

2) El viajero

Probably I loved this one cause it’s located right next to my house. El viajero is considered to be one of the most iconic rooftop bars in Madrid and it is ideal for a relaxing evening after work! Drinks, cocktails and delicious tapas are being served almost all day, while people say that it’s worth trying their unique mojito! Located one more time right in the heart of the city and specifically in the historical tapas neighbourhood of La Latina, El viajero is place totally worth a stop!

El viajero
El viajero
Plaza de la Cebada, 11, 28005 Madrid, Spain

3) Mercado de San Anton

Located in Chueca, a neighborhood characterized by its good atmosphere and positive energy, the rooftop of Mercado de San Anton can be found on the third floor of the famous food market. Hoarded by almost 400 square meters of terrace-lounge with wonderful views of the city's sky, the Mercado de San Anton has become one of the area’s prime leisure venues. Equipped with an outdoor and indoor bar, this rooftop is again an ideal escape from the city’s noisy reality!

Mercado de San Anton
Mercado de San Anton
28004, Calle de Augusto Figueroa, 24B, 28004 Madrid, Ισπανία

4) The Hat Rooftop

I had no idea that a rooftop bar was hidden on the top of the Hat hostel, till some of my friends booked their accommodation there and deliberately discovered its incredible rooftop! Right next to Plaza Mayor, the Hat is one of the hippiest spots to chill out in the city centre. Day or night, you can enjoy a coffee, a cocktail or a beer and chat with some travellers while enjoying the fabulous Madrid sunset!

The Hat hostel
The Hat hostel
Calle Imperial, 9, 28012 Madrid, Spain

5) Café del Río

Located in the Madrid Rio park, Cafe del Rio is a place that you would never expect finding in the city! From its upper terrace you can take in the Royal Palace on the other side of the river, which is a spectacular sight around dusk. Incredible views, awesome decoration and importantly, delicious food (since it’s also a famous restaurant), guarantee a unique and relaxing evening!

Café del Río
Café del Río
Av. de Portugal, 1, 28011 Madrid, Spain

What you’re waiting for? There is no better place to be at sunset than sipping your favourite cocktail in one of those bars! Cheers!

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