"Cantine Aperte", taste wine and visit vineyards in Italy

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As I am sure you know it is very common to think about wine and vineyards when talking about Italy, and rightfully so I’d say. The boot-shaped country, in fact, is one of the top producer of wine in the World and the quality of the production is second to none. While travelling through the Italian territory you find an awful number of wineries and cellars, usually located among beautiful landscapes, and you might think that would be worth to visit one of these and have little tasting.

Since 1993 Italian wineries open their cellars during the last weekend of May in an event called “Cantine Aperte” (Open Cellars) which has the objective to bring wine lovers in contact with the producers directly on the vineyards.

It works in a simple way: as you arrive at a winery you’ll be asked to pay a small fee, usually 5 euros, and you’ll be given a glass that you’ll use during the tastings. By paying the fee you’ll have access not just to taste the wine of the winery you are in but also of all the other wineries which participate in the event throughout all Italy. Pretty cool, right?! Some winery, though, prefer to offer a package including lunch/dinner and various activities at a higher price.

So, depending on where you are you will be able to explore and visit different wineries and vineyards. Usually the owners organize visits with wine experts on the vineyards and inside the cellars to explain visitors the wine making process and share some of their history. Often many wineries have music show and food buffets to entertain the visitors and make them feel comfortable.

At this website you find the list, region by region, of the wineries that take part in this occasion. I’d recommend you to sort out a plan with 4 or 5 possible destinations, pick a designated driver, and go. Cheers!

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Federico Spadoni

Federico Spadoni

I am Federico, I was born and raised in Italy. Sport and news fanatic and active volunteer. I am currently living in Athens, Greece. I write about the central parts of Italy.

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