Gala – A village of history and art

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There is an interesting village – Gala just 40 km far from Baku. The village is an open-air museum, which describes the living conditions and culture of Absheron Peninsula over the period between XVI and XIX centuries. The name “Gala” means a fortress. The village is called like this because the village is located inside a fortress.

The complex is reconstructed as a regular village in medieval ages. Even though nobody lives in the village, there is an atmosphere, which makes you think that the people still live there. There are plenty of small houses, tents that are made of animal skin and mosques. Moreover, the village contains different workshops such as an ancient bakery, pottery, blacksmith shop, etc. Additionally, there are places, where camels are kept as in the middle ages.

Besides that, there are several different museums, which contain archaeological monuments, as well as art pieces. The biggest museum in the village includes archaeological finds, household appliances that are used by the local people, various weapons, and a beautiful phaeton.

Despite Gala village is a historical place, there is an interesting museum, which is related to modern art. The museum contains art pieces that are made of recycled objects. In other words, the art pieces in this museum are made of trashes and wastes, which created amazing modern art.

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