Taste seafood on the coast of the Khazar

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A wide range of seafood makes Baku a paradise for gourmets and fish lovers. Thanks to the coastal location, Baku is definitely an ideal place to satisfy your gastronomic needs. In the "city of winds", fish and seafood are an integral part of the menu, so if you are a real gourmet, allow me to advise you the best places where you can taste seafood on the coast of the Khazar.

Seafood makes you live 10 years more.” — Kevin Steele

Halikarnas Balikcisi

The Halikarnas Balikcisi, located on the shore of the Caspian Sea, on the island of Gum (Sand), was opened in 2010. There is a winter salon with 200 seats, a garden for 500 people, 11 V.I.P. rooms with a special project, a banquet hall for 200 people and four salons "deluxe" in the restaurant. The Halikarnas Balıkcisi invites you to taste a variety of different types of seafood. Firstly, you will enjoy the beautiful view of the restaurant with colourful decorations, colours and sophisticated charm. The rare and rich menu offers you unforgettable moments with your family and loved ones. A professional staff guarantees you a delightful evening. The Halikarnas will offer you a wonderful break, a lively and well-groomed day for your children. The fish, from which the dishes are prepared in Halikarnas Balikcisi, is delivered from Istanbul.

Halikarnas Balikcisi Fish House
Halikarnas Balikcisi Fish House
Baki yolu Qum adasi, Hövsan, Azerbaijan

Nar and Sharab Restaurant'

The Nar and Sharab restaurant, located in Bibiheybat, is one of the most renowned leisure centres in Baku, on the Caspian coast. This authentic restaurant is one of the most revered in Baku. The magnificent five-floor building, spacious and bright lounges, tastefully decorated summer pavilions and terraces, pool and, of course, the marvellous view of the Caspian Sea, are the most important peculiarities of the restaurant. The menu is very rich with seafood and national cuisine. Prices here are quite high, but you will definitely like it.

Nar and Sharab Restaurant
Nar and Sharab Restaurant
Namiq Quliyev, Baku, Azerbaijan

Sherlock's Beach

The ideal option for a romantic dinner, accompanied by calming sounds of the waves, is the Sherlock's Beach. The restaurant is located on the cliffs on the beach in Zaqulba. Here you can enjoy fresh fish, juicy kebabs and cold seafood snacks. For locals, it is one of the best and certainly one of the most famous places to eat seafood. The Sherlock's Beach is an excellent restaurant with even the best menus. The dishes are delicious, and the list of wines is extensive. If you are looking for good access to seafood, this place will not let you down.

Sherlocks Baku
Sherlocks Baku
Zagulba, Azerbaijan

The benefit of seafood for the human body has long been known, and its unusual taste brings a variety to the regular diet. Being in a country such as Azerbaijan, with delicious and diversified cuisine, can make you gain weight easily. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to taste healthy seafood on the coast of the Khazar.

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