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Summer holiday on the coast of the biggest lake in the world – Caspian Sea

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Well, summer is coming and it is time to plan an amazing holiday for upcoming months. I have a suggestion for you. Plan your holiday on the shore of Caspian Sea. Yes, Baku offers you the classic activity of every summer – beaches and summer resorts. However, having your summer holiday in Baku will add a remarkable experience on your travel list with its mild and healing climate and astonishing summer resorts. Beach reason in Baku starts from June and ends in October due to its mild climate, which allow swimming for 5 months in a year.

An interesting fact about Caspian Sea is that it is not a sea actually. From geographical point of view, Caspian Sea is considered as the biggest lake in the world. Thereby, having a holiday on the coast of the biggest lake of the world will give you an interesting story to share. Most of the section of Caspian Sea is amazing for swimming and having a rest. Besides an amazing climate, the sand in Absheron peninsula (where Baku and nearby villages are located) is rich with various minerals that gives a healing function to them.

Apart from the beach zones, there are a lot of summer resorts that offer many services. The most popular ones are Bilgah Beach Hotel, Amburan Beach Club, Mambo Beach Club, Sea Breeze Resort.

Bilgah Beach Hotel and Amburan Beach Club are located in Bilgah settlement just 44 kilometers far from Baku city. Both hotel and beach club offer amazing swimming pool, clean and organized beach zone, as well as many entertainment facilities. Karaoke bar, jet skis, cinema and beach parties are the most popular facilities among the others.

Sea Breeze Resort is located in Nardaran village again just few kilometers far from Baku city. This resort is famous for its nice white cottages on the seashore that gives an admirable view and relaxing effect. In addition, Sea Breeze Resort has a nice restaurant on the seaside, where you can enjoy the meals from local and foreign cuisine.

Mambo Beach Club is located in the Shikhov settlement, which is considered as the nearest to the city center. Mambo Club also offers great swimming pools, beach parties, a nice bar and amazing restaurant.

Have your next summer holiday on the shore of the biggest lake of the world!

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