Not ordinary Macedonian villages: Ljubojno and Brajcino

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A true admirer of natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes should visit Macedonia. Ohrid, Prespa, and Dojran Lake are the national pride when it comes to this category- natural beauty. In the itinari database you can find several stories for Ohrid and Ohrid Lake, but for Prespa, this would be the first one! The region of Prespa in the following story will be introduced through two Macedonian villages: Ljubojno and Brajcino.

Rest your mind and soul

This is the reason that people from around the globe started visiting Ljubojno- for master reset of the brain. Here, just 2-3 km from the lake you can find a place to stay for a super reasonable price and to experience one true rural adventure! It's much of an adventure since it possesses a peaceful and harmonic environment, and the chance to choose your lunch from the fish basin and to start your day with a fresh home baked pie is a special kind of adventure, especially for your stomach.

The characteristic, vivid architecture is common for the villages of this region. The photographer and the architect will get the trip of their eyes!

The love story of Brajcino

Next stop is the village Brajcino. It is a spot that rests on the slopes of the mountain of Baltan. You can hike here and collect herbs for spices and teas. A guide can be a random person that you meet down in the village, and with all his pleasure you will be walked through the beauty of this mountain.

As a trigger, I will tell you the legend of the name of the mountain. Hundreds of years ago, down in the Brajcino village, there was a beautiful girl leaving here. A Turkish soldier was visiting the village and with no turning back, he fell in love with this girl. She also couldn't resist the tall strong soldier. Unfortunately, their love was forbidden back then, and they decided to fly away. Years after, the Turkish soldier got found with his woman in happiness in the mountain nearby by his soldier mate. When he got asked to go back to Turkey he said that he will stay here. Here he found something sweeter than honey and more valuable than money. Honey is "Bal" in Turkish, and "Altan" is money, so Baltan remains as a name of the mountain that becomes a home for this two lovebirds.

While you are here, don't skip to visit the newly reconstructed monastery, St Petka. Pictures and words can't always describe the natural beauty, still, here on itinari, we are doing our best! I hope this will make you hit the road and visit this less known piece of heaven on our globe.

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Zlata Golaboska

Zlata Golaboska

I am Zlata and I am an architect living in the Balkans. I am passionate about cities, how people influence architecture and vice versa, and how places change our lives.

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