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Cover photo © D.S.
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Parks and Gardens of Brittany: Broceliande gardens

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If you are looking to spend some quality time with your children in Brittany, then Broceliande Gardens are a perfect place for your family. You will have so much fun walking barefoot and with eyes masked in the heart of a beautiful green space and only 15 minutes from Rennes. After this real sensory adventure, you can go for a relaxing walk around the themed gardens and plant collections. Every botanical lover will appreciate the delightful collections of iris and camellias and admire the Asian garden. I assure you, your visit to Broceliande Gardens is going to be a surprisingly great experience.

The Broceliande gardens
The Broceliande gardens
Les Mesnils, 35310 Bréal-sous-Montfort, France

Wake up your feet

Broceliande Gardens offer some great outdoor activities. During the “Wake up your feet” (“Réveille tes pieds”) activity, you won’t stop laughing. But first, remove your shoes. You will walk barefoot across 45 different materials and textures. Once your feet are back in their shoes, don’t miss to experience the ‘Stimulate your Senses’ (“Active tes sens”) activity. On this 200 meters long trail, with a blindfold on, your ears will be your best allies. You will walk by guiding yourself to the surrounding sounds and voices, and you will learn to trust your instincts. Thanks to the “Get up there” (“File là-haut”) activity, you can enjoy the view over the Gardens from the sky. This “tree-top” trail will give you an opportunity to walk across the netting suspended between the century-old oaks, at the height of between four and eight meters. This activity is only for the brave ones!

Heaven for the nature lovers

At the end of your visit to Broceliande Gardens, after all that fun and excitement, you can go for a relaxing walk around the themed gardens and plant collections. If you are a botanic lover, then this walk will be especially inspiring for you. In the Gardens you can see and admire some 400 varieties of lilac, 1,000 varieties of iris, 250 historic and modern varieties of rose and 280 varieties of dahlia. And if you visit this garden in September, then don’t forget to bring a big bag or a box. You can pick some delicious, organic apples inside the Garden for only 1,5 euros per kilo.

Practical information

Broceliande gardens are open only from April to October and from Tuesday to Sunday between 1h30 am and 6 pm (on Sunday the closing time is 7 pm). In July and August, the Gardens are open every day from 11 am to 7 pm. The family entrance price is 19 euros. You cannot eat inside the Gardens, but there is a picnic area just at the entrance.

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