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Zeppelin for the most of people is a relic of the past, something you can see on black-white photos. Many connect Zeppelins with the First World War, when these airships were used in long-range scouting and bombing operations, killing 5000 people in Britain. While others connect them with the disaster of Hindenburg, the longest class of flying machine with the length of 237 meters and the largest airship by envelope volume ever built. Zeppelins are also known for its use as a propaganda tool by the Nazi regime, which used them to display their power and technical superiority over the others. Sometimes they would display Nazi swastika and tour the Germany playing propaganda speeches and March music to the people.

In its high days between two World Wars they were used for transatlantic flights between Germany and Americas. For this undertake two Zeppelins were used Hindenburg and Graf Zeppelin. However series of airship accidents British R38 in 1921 (44 dead), the US airship Roma in 1922 (34 dead), the French Dixmude in 1923 (52 dead), the British R101 in 1930 (48 dead), the US Akron in 1933 (73 dead) and the last Hindenburg (35 dead), combined with the consequences of World War II put the production of Zeppelins on hold.

After five decades the same company that produced Zeppelins back in old days and notorious V2 ballistic rockets re-emerged in Germany in the town Friedrichshafen on the Lake Constance. Huge nostalgia for Zeppelins that still exists today, they have been an inspiration for lot of sci-fi movies, often set in the alternate reality, inspired them to build new generation of Zeppelins. The first commercial use of Zeppelin NT (New Technology) was in year 2001; 65 years after the last commercial Zeppelin of old generation was built. Since then the Zeppelins are used for tourism, advertising, and scientific research purposes.

With a length of 75 meters new Zeppelins are considerably smaller than the old ones. They have maximal speed reaching 125 km/h and cruising speed of 115 km/h and the range of some 900 kilometers. They have passenger capacity of 12 people and 2 crew members. Six Zeppelins NT have been built so far.

If you are on the Lake Constance and want to experience this part of history revived you should head for Zeppelin Hangar in Friedrichshafen. From there you can take 30 – 45 min flight on board Zeppelin above the Lake and beautiful Alps. Low cruising altitude of about 300 meters offers let you enjoy amazing views. There are twelve routes around Lake Constance. There is also the possibility to get married in a Zeppelin for right amount. So what are you waiting for?

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Ogi Savic

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