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It's time to explore Konstanz!

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Located near the gorgeous Lake Constance, the city of Konstanz mesmerizes everyone who visits it! With its amazing scenery, this city hosted civilizations dating back to the stone age. Konstanz was always an important trade center and even a spiritual one! Very close to the Switzerland border, Konstanz attracts millions of tourists each year. The city can be reached from Zurich's Airport or even from Stuttgart's Airport, which is only located 2 hours away. The city's old town has a large pedestrian zone which makes it perfect to explore the city center on foot. So, if you want to visit Konstanz, here is your guide!

Konstanz Cathedral

The Konstanz Minster or Konstanz Cathedral was first mentioned in 615 and it is dedicated to Virgin Mary. It is known that its construction was completed in the North Tower, in about 1100 AD. The whole building was built between 1100 and 1854, fact that makes it the perfect spot to observe the multiple architectural styles of those centuries! If you want to have the best view of Konstanz city or of the Lake Constance, you should definitely check it out! Look at the picture below!

Konstanz Cathedral
Konstanz Cathedral
Münsterpl. 1, 78462 Konstanz, Almanya

Sea Life Konstanz

If you are visiting the city with kids, you should definitely check out the Sea Life Konstanz! In here, you can see Gentoo penguins, feed the lake fish along with some piranhas, learn all sorts of interesting things about sharks, flatfish, rays and cute sea-dwellers and of course many more! They are all waiting for you there!

SEA LIFE Konstanz
SEA LIFE Konstanz
Hafenstraße 9, 78462 Konstanz

The gorgeous Mainau island

Mainau, aka the flower island, is a beautiful island in the Lake Constance, very close to the city of Konstanz. The island belongs to the Lennart Bernadotte Foundation which was created by the Prince of Sweden and the Duke of Småland. This gorgeous island attracts more than a million tourists every year with its famous greenhouse butterfly sanctuary!

Mainau is maintained as a "garden island" and today it is a place where you can find lots of different gardens that bloom in almost every season. In there, you may see orchids, roses, dahlias and many more! At the same time, you will not only admire beautiful butterflies but also you will be mesmerised by the unique vegetation and the in general by the exotic environment. You will find more than 120 species of butterflies from Africa, Asia, Central and South America! Furthermore, you can also encounter moths with a wingspan of up to 30 cm! And let's not forget about the cute caterpillars too. If you visit the island with your kids, it's the perfect opportunity to show them the entire lifecycle of those beautiful butterflies. After exploring the butterfly house, don't forget to enjoy an ice cream in the shops of the area. And of course, don't forget to treat your loved ones with a souvenir.

There are lots of other gardens in Mainau, but the one which stole my heart is the Italian rose garden. In here you will see marble statues, fountains, and a geometric garden that smells like roses. You won't just see or smell classic roses, but also mesmerising climbing roses on trellises, rose pyramids and many more.

Plan your visit to Konstanz and get inspired by itinari now!

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