Srebrno Jezero

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The Silver Lake of Serbia

You might think that the quest of discovering new, hidden gems of the world is a never ending journey, and you are correct. We have just began. I already introduced you to the must see and the most popular lakes in Balkans, but now I will show you step by step all the beautiful, not so famous, lakes and resorts in the region. I am pretty sure you still, unfortunately, haven't heard of the glorious Srebrno Jezero (Silver Lake) of Serbia. If you are looking for a getaway in a remote, beautiful place, where you can enjoy the sound of birds instead of traffic and phones, then this is the right article for you. Keep reading to find out what this nirvana like place offers!

Srebrno Jezero, as a tremendously popular touristic resort, is an oxbow (a U shaped body of water that forms when a wide meander from the main stem of a river is cut off) lake along the right Danube bank in the Branicevo region in Eastern Serbia, near the town of Veliko Gradiste, located 110 km east of Belgrade, Serbia's capital. The lake itself is in the broad, low valley of the Danube, but the neighboring hills rise up to 362 m on the south called Lipovaca hill, while the entire western part of the valley is enclosed by the elongated hill of Veliko hill and its highest peak of Anatema.

Moreover, the historical sites of the medieval city-fortresses of Ram and Golubac can be found in the vicinity of the lake, so as the springs of Hajducka voda (Hajduk's water). Silver Lake is an arm of the conects to the Danube on both points, bridged by the Veliko Gradiste-Zatonje road which also crosses the island. The late itself is situated at the altitude of 70 m and deep as much as 13 m. However, you would be impressed to see that the silver lake, hence the name, is incredibly clear due to the lack of pollution and the natural filtration of the water through many sand dunes. Great news for the fishermen and for those who would simply try out fishing to fulfill their relaxing trip, the lake is abundant in fish, including white amur, common carp, wels catfish, northern pike, perch, zander, grass carp and other freshwater whitefish.

Indeed, even though the lake has always been a popular holiday and fishing destination for decades, it was almost remote and isolated from tourists. However, quite recently, the destination experienced visitor's boom, attracting tourists from all over Serbia and Balkans, despite lack of major accommodations. Since then it has been advertises as the Serbian sea. What you should keep in mind is that the lake has one hotel (Srebrno jezero), several restaurant-boardinghouses, a weekend-settlement and the largest car camping park in Serbia.

Due to the growth in its popularity, it is planned to build three hotels, congressional halls, pools (both opened and covered), golf courses, cycling paths, shopping malls and marina in the years to come, which is yet another incentive for you to come and visit this hidden gem. Apart from the hotel and villas, there are over 50 objects as part of the village tourism. Another thing that definitely impacted the image of the Silver Lake is once a famous Serbian basketball player, Milos Teodosic, opened his TEO4 Basketball Camp there. Perhaps upon your visit you might get a chance to even meet him.

Finally, what adds up to the virtues of the Silver Lake, apart from the glorious natural beauty, crystal clear water, rich flora and fauna, and most importantly, peace and quiet, is the fact that it hosts the prestigious international chess tournaments, Serbian beach volley championships, The Days of Carevac, Bean Festival, Fishermen Evenings, Silafest, international festival of tourism and environmental film, The Dusks of Ram and many, many more. Hopefully, all this gave you a bit of a closer insight of what Silver Lake can offer and convinced you to embark on a trip. Stay tuned for more inspirations, as there are many, many more gems to be revealed.

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