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The Coolest Vintage Shops in Hamburg

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Travel Tips For Hamburg

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Hamburg’s fashion scene and street style is mainly chic, Nordic and minimalist. But despite the fact of Hamburg being one of the fanciest cities in Germany, there are loads of alternative young people, students and those, who prefer shopping sustainable and second hand rather than buying expensive items from a brand, or even worse mass produced clothes from a sweat shop. In fact, Hamburg has a big subculture and underground scene – and with this scene come really original second hand stores. Here’s a list of some of the coolest Vintage Shops in Hamburg to discover during your next shopping tour.

Vintage & Rags (Altstadt)

Vintage & Rags is probably the most iconic second hand shop in Hamburg. You can say it’s a classic! It’s located in a hidden side street, close to the central station and holds the nicest vintage clothes and accessories on two floors. It’s the kind of shop, where you find those unique treasures, that will be the highlight of each outfit. The prices are modest, the selection is great and the style is very diverse and compatible for each taste!

Vintage & Rags
Vintage & Rags
Kurze Mühren 6, 20095 Hamburg, Deutschland

Pick 'n' Weight (Sternschanze)

Pick 'n' Weight is probably the best organized second hand store in Hamburg. The whole shop is assorted by colors and product type. In this shop you literally pick whatever you like and weight the items on the surrounded scales to see the prize – the clothes are distinguished by different colors of the tags that show different prizes per kilogram. Furthermore, it’s located in Sternschanze, one of Hamburg’s more alternative districts – also cool to hang out, check the big amount of vegan restaurants and have a drink at one of the nice bars.

Pick 'n' Weight
Pick 'n' Weight
Beim Grünen Jäger 16, 20359 Hamburg, Deutschland

Hot Dogs (Karoviertel)

Karoviertel is without a doubt the best districts in Hamburg to do some Vintage Shopping. Especially in the street Marktstraße you’ll be able to find one second hand store after another, most of them in little souterrains, surrounded by cute cafes, big trees and ateliers. It’s one of Hamburg’s artistic areas, offering creative screenprint workshops, esoteric shops and the biggest selection of vinyl record stores. But the many Vintage Shops are definetly a highlight – above all the iconic shop Hot Dogs. Here you will be surprised by a chaotic, but charming selection of very eccentric and crazy vintage clothing.

Hot Dogs
Hot Dogs
Marktstraße 38, 20357 Hamburg, Deutschland

Jimmy Vintage & Friends (Grindel)

Grindel is Hamburg’s vibrant students' area – it’s the district around the biggest university and state library in town and it’s loaded with cool bars, cafes, a little old school cinema and, of course, a few decent clothing shops. One of them is the lovely Jimmy Vintage & Friends – a place, where lots of girl’s dreams come true. Here you can not only shop designers vintage fashion (for small prices), while drinking sparkling wine, but also get natural cosmetics and receive a manicure in the small nailstudio within. I guess that Jimmy really knows his business, right?

Jimmy Vintage & Friends
Jimmy Vintage & Friends
Hartungstraße 20, 20146 Hamburg, Deutschland

If you’re as passionate about Vintage Clothing as I am – not only because it’s sustainable, but also because it's unique and stylish – I can guarantee you’ll find some real second hand treasures in the coolest Vintage Shops in Hamburg, while strolling through the cool districts of this Nordic city!

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Paulina Kulczycki

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