The village museum: Mezek in Bulgaria

The village museum: Mezek in Bulgaria

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The small villages are the true treasure of any trip, since through these visits, you can explore and learn much more than  history and culture. You can experience the local life and see that the people living there, are better hosts you could ever imagine. If you are up for Pretty English villages, not so ordinary places in Macedonia, or attractive villages in Georgia , then I think you would like to read what is following: The village museum, Mezek, Bulgaria.

Mezek is a small village in south Bulgaria, and specifically in Haskovo region. The village today is actually located 2 km away from the first settlement of the village. The name is related to a term that means museum, and it's a name completely well-deserved for this village. A village described as a museum is really something! This is why I believe it is an interesting place to be visited and I can personally assure you, it lives up to its name. The first settlement had 800 to 1000 houses, placed on a very busy road that connects Central Europe and the Middle East. This was the reason for the wealth of the town, which was also often attacked by passers-by. Sometimes a good geographical position is actually a bad position. The Mezek people, after one incident of this kind, decided to move a bit further on the road. This event spread the history of the place on a wider territory, and today we have an enviable archaeological site that speaks about a turbulent past of this realm.

Archaeologists have found two Thracian tombs and their impressive medieval fortification. All of these, give ground for assumptions that the area was inhabited since antiquity.

South of the village, there is one of the best conserved Bulgarian fortresses. This medieval monument has well-preserved towers and high walls that surround an area of ​​7 acres. In one of the corners of the fortress, there was built and concealed a concrete military bunker in the middle of the 20th century. Another thing you should not miss while here, are the two Thracian tombs- one is 1 km east of the village and the other one 2 km west of the village.

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Vladislav Nedelev
Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Vladislav Nedelev

The ultimate good news I have to share as a tip for this place, is the local wine! In moderation, this is an amazing memory you could bring with you, while further exploring this astonishing country, called Bulgaria. In the village, you can find a small boutique winery - the Mezek winery, where you can taste authentic local wine. Enjoy!

Cover picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Klearchos Kapoutsis

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