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The White Royal Palace

After several articles and journeys of Balkan trivia and Belgrade tales, you have learned a lot about the culture and history of Serbia. Each one of the articles depicts the heart and soul of its people, because what is the better way to get to know a certain country than through its people and places. We have been discovering some of the biggest inventors of all times, as well as the artsy spots. But did you know that Belgrade does have a Royal Palace? Formerly a Kingdom until Second World War, Serbia has many remains of the past periods. One of them is a precious monument in Belgrade. Today I am revealing you the White Royal Palace (Beli Dvor) of Belgrade, Serbia.

Beli Dvor
Beli Dvor
Beli Dvor, Pivljanina Baja, Belgrade, Serbia

At the time of the Serbian monarchy, this monument has been the official residence of the royal family. The complex of Royal Palace has several magnificent buildings. At the south, there can be found a family chapel of the royal family. What is interesting to know is that, even today, the successors of the royal family live there, but the chances that you will meet them during your tourist visit are rather low. Indeed, the residence is full of valuable artworks and it offers the most amazing exhibitions to visitors. Also, this place will be quite a refreshment for your Instagram feed.

The Royal Palace was built according to the wishes of King Alexander I as a residence for his sons Peter (future King Peter II), Tomislav and Andrei. King Alexander expected that his sons would need their own space when they grew up. The minor King Peter II became the new master of the Royal Court, and the completion of the building of the White Palace was dealt with by his cousin, Prince Paul. The building, built between 1934 and 1937, was designed by architect Aleksandar Djordjevic. On the ground floor of this classic building there is a large ceremonial hall and a series of salons furnished in the style of Louis XV and Louis XVI with Venetian chandeliers. There is also the Palace Library, which had about 35,000 books and the ceremonial dining room.

The Royal Palace is surrounded by a glorious and grandiose park, which will definitely leave you speechless. The interior of the palace, from furniture to decoration and every single detail, has a great artistic and historical significance. As a matter of fact, one of the mills that serve as a decoration today, still has a bullet hole that dates way back to an unsuccessful assassination attempt. I will not reveal much about the history, as specialized guides of the Royal Palace are well-known for providing the greatest, most interesting information and anecdotes about the royal family. However, you can only visit the palace during the weekend, at the organized official tour.

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