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Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade beach

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Travel Tips For Belgrade

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Perfect day and night at any time of the year

While sitting and having coffee and taking advantage of just one of a few sunny days here in Brussels, I could not help but wonder what my day would look like if I was right now at the precious Belgrade spot, Ada Ciganlija. My mind is drifting away with warm thoughts of sun, water, smiley people, dogs and children running around and music at every corner. Then I felt like eating an ice cream, or even having a cocktail at one of the coolest bars in this spot. My body is getting more and more relaxed as I recall my perfect day at this not-so-hidden, precious artifical lake, also known as Belgrade beach.

The artificial Lake Sava and its beach have been tremendously popular in the past decades, especially given the fact that they are turned into recreational zone, most notable for its beaches and sports facilities. The trendy place hits its peak every summer, when basically you cannot find a single car parking spot, so you should go with a bike. However, Ada Ciganlija, commonly referred to as More Beograda (Belgrade Sea) is great to visit at any time of the year. Spring time is the best for recreational biking and roller-skating, fall for quiet walks and winter for going to the best restaurants and reminiscing summer. And summer, well apart from all the sports, you can do all the beach activities - swimming, tanning, beach volleyball and many more water sports available.

Pleasure for all senses

Moreover, Ada Ciganlija, reachable by public transport and several biking trails, is in fact a perfect spot for locals who cannot afford to take a summer vacation as well as for tourists, who want to feel the spirit of Belgrade.

I love just coming here by bike, having a nice rest at the beach and getting some tan, while enjoying in good music and crowd. If you are looking for a quiet spot, then maybe Ada Ciganlija is not the best, but there are always some hidden areas in the forest parts where you can in fact, while hiking and biking, find some quiet spot. There you can hide from the city noise, really relax and enjoy the views and at the same time, who knows, even make a barbecue, which is definitely one of the most famous Serbian traditions.

Apart from the fact that Ada Ciganlija has rich flora and fauna, tremendously long history, about which I will not bore you about, it also has by far the best nightlife. As Serbians are famous for partying hard, this place offers and array of restaurants, bars and clubs on water commonly referred to as splavovi spread along the coast. My favorite one is definitely Time Out. However, make sure to always make a reservation, dress up and bring your best mood.

Finally, Ada Ciganlija is most famous for its landmark, the fountain, based on the famous Jet d'Eau, situated in Lake Geneva. The fountain operates during the day all year round, except in case there is frost or a particularly strong wind. It also operates in the evening between spring and autumn and is lit by a set of lights. During the summer months in the later hours, the island stages a special laser light spectacle for those still present at the beach. So really, all you need to do is pack your belongings and spend a 24 hours at Ada Ciganlija. I am pretty sure you will not want to go home.

My vivid imagination and thoughts are suddenly interupted by the waiter who asked me if I would like yet another coffee. I look around and I realize that I am at just one of the pubs in Brussels, while the sun already started to fade. I nodded and smiled at him, and immdediately started checking plane tickets for Belgrade. Ada Ciganlija is waiting. If you would like to join me, go ahead, as you are just one click on the screen away from spedning an amazing time at this gorgeous gem of Belgrade. I can promise you that you will have an amazing time, and also strongly advise you to stay tuned for more inspiration to come.

Ada Ciganlija
Ada Ciganlija
Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade, Serbia
Time Out Ada Ciganlija
Time Out Ada Ciganlija
Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade, Serbia

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Lejla Dizdarevic

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