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Belgrade tales: Beogradjanka building

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Trademark of Belgrade

It is a warm, summer morning. You woke up and you are ready to take a stroll through Belgrade. Wonderful walk from Knez Mihailova street makes you feel refreshed and energized. However, you have realized you might need a break and some caffeine boost, so you direct yourself towards Cvetni Trg (Flower Square) of Belgrade to have a wonderfully blended coffee at one of the numerous cafes and enjoy the sun and the flowers. On your way, you notice an extremely high building. You try to look at the top of it, but it causes you vertigo. "It might be the sun", you may wonder. Actually, this monumental building is that high and glorious. While taking a minute and standing in front of it, you start wondering what that monument represents, as well as why the other people passing by are not as amazed as you are. The truth is, Belgrade born kinda got used to it. But behind this monument there is an amazing history, as it is one of the trademarks of Belgrade. Allow me to present you the Beogradjanka building of Belgrade.

Knez Mihailova Street
Knez Mihailova Street
Kneza Mihail, Belgrade, Serbia
Cvetni Trg
Cvetni Trg
Belgrade Serbia
Beogradjanka building of Belgrade
Beogradjanka building of Belgrade
Belgrade, Kralja Milana 5, Belgrade 11000, Serbia

As I believe you are not familiar with its background, here is a wonderful story and facts about Beogradnjaka building. First of all, you might be confused by its name, as in Serbian language Beogradjanka is a Belgrade born lady. However, it did make sense for people to call this glorious and gracious building like that and compare it to the elegant lady. Sometimes, it is even referred to as Belgrade Palace. This gracious lady is (only) 101 meter tall, which makes it one of the tallest buildings in Belgrade. Not only that it is a trademark of Belgrade for many but it is also a symbol of the city and one of the major representatives of the "golden age" in the development of Belgrade.

Moreover, the construction of the building began in 1969. and it was finally completed in 1974. Imagine what this building meant back at the time. Amazingly enough, the top floor of Beogradjanka building also features a restaurant, which has been unfortunately closed in the past years due to the safety reasons. For Belgrade born, Beogradjanka building means Studio B - Belgrade owned radio and television station that has been waking up the people with their morning shows for decades now. Another great thing about Beogradjanka building is that it has a small mall at the ground floor, as well as a supermarket. Not only that this elegant Belgrade lady is beautiful, but multipurpose as well.

Finally, this has been a short tale about a Belgrade lady, the monumental building that has been in lives of Belgrade born people for decades now. It is definitely a must see monument and something you should not miss. Because who can resist this elegant lady?

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