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Bremen: The City of The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale

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Travel Tips For Bremen

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Bremen is one of the most important north city in Germany with 1200-year-old history. It is a seaport city and located along on Weser river. Bremen is a definite mixed city with culture & industry, traditions & science. With its 550 000 population, it is a fun and unforgettable city! You can reach the city from its airport, train station or simply by a bus. The bus and tram system works also great in the city but you can always rent a bike or walk around the Old Town. It is also a fascinating place to take some incredible photos in the medieval part of the city. So here is your guide to explore Bremen. :)

What to do in Bremen?

Bremen has a lot of things to offer but the first stop should be the Rathaus or Town Hall in English. This town hall is one of the most beautiful ones in Europe and it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Its history dated back to 1400s. Next to the Rathaus, you will find the amazing St.Petri Dom. This cathedral is over 1200 years old and inside of the cathedral, you can find the fine pieces of treasury! Also, the entry is free but if you want to get the beautiful view of Bremen, climbing up its tower only costs 1 Euro!

Bremen Rathaus and Dom St.Petri
Bremen Rathaus and Dom St.Petri
Am Markt 20, 28195 Bremen, Almanya

Another must-visit-stop is Theater am Goetheplatz. This opera/theater house is one of the oldest building in Bremen. It even hosted Adolf Hitler and his lover Eva Braun to watch Die Valkyrie in October 1941. The opera house was damaged greatly during the World War II but it got restored and today you can watch lots of great plays in here!

Theater am Goetheplatz
Theater am Goetheplatz
Goethepl., 28203 Bremen, Almanya

And of course, the famous Bremen Musicians statue! This the most well-known statue is characters from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale which is about a donkey, a cat, a dog and a hens journey to Bremen to gain their freedom and live without their cruel masters. Despite the title, they never arrived in Bremen. But you can make a wish while touching the front hooves because it is said that it makes the wishes come true. :) Also don't forget to buy souvenirs!

Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten
Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten
Am Markt 11, 28195 Bremen, Almanya

If you like medieval places, Schnoor is the medieval center of Bremen. It is also a great place to wander around, do some shopping and check out the world's smallest hotel!

Böttcherstrasse is a great street for art nouveau lovers! There are also lots of great restaurants, shops, and museums in here. :)

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Alara Benlier

My name is Alara Benlier, I am Turkish but currently living in Germany! I share my experiences in Germany, Turkey and the Netherlands!

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