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Have an active holiday in Nature Park Piva!

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Travel Tips For Montenegro

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Situated close to the Montenegrin border with Bosnia & Herzegovina, Nature Park Piva borders also with the National Park Durmitor and it is like a perfect extension of this national park. The main municipality in Piva region is Plužine town, small and charming place looking like a complex for relaxation on the banks of turquoises Piva Lake. Nature Park Piva is great choice if you are looking for place where you can have an active holiday!

Piva region is full of fascinating places and it is hard to say which one is the most beautiful among them all. Nature Park Piva abounds in mountains, lakes, canyons and rivers. Large mountainous areas with rich pastures and forests, deeply rooted mountain canyons of Tara, Piva, Komarnica and Sušica rivers and mountain lakes already attracts numerous nature and adventure lovers.

The main attractions and activities

Snowy and white region during winter, becomes greenish and bluish as soon as the spring approaches. During summer Nature Park Piva is just a perfect getaway from the Montenegrin heat and busy beaches. One of the main attraction in the region is Piva river with its canyon and Piva Lake.

Lake Piva is an artificial lake which was formed after the dam construction on Piva river. With its turquoise color and crystal clear waters, it is one of the most beautiful lakes in Montenegro. Even though it is a man-made, the lake fits perfectly in the mesmerizing surroundings. The dam is 220 m high and it has an amazing view of the lake on one side, and the river with its canyon on the other side.

Another attractive lake is a heart-shaped Trnovačko Lake, near to the border with Bosnia & Herzegovina. Trnovačko Lake is surrounded with mountains and amazing nature. Beautiful are also Škrčka lakes (Big and Small). Accessible by foot only, these lakes are some of the favorite hikers’ spots. Last but not least, Stabanska Lakes (Big and Small) are one more recommendation when visiting this area!

What Nature Park Piva make even more special are amazing canyons of Piva, Komarnica, Tara and Sušica rivers. Beside wonderful nature, there is a wide range of activities you can fill your day with. Piva is a perfect place for fishing, Komarnica has incredible Nevidio Canyon which offers one of the best canyoning experience in Montenegro and Tara is ideal for rafting or kayaking.

As for the hikers, there are many destinations to spend your days enjoying in the nature. Among the most impressive mountains are Durmitor with the Prutaš peak and Volujak and Maglić (both located on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro).

As you can see, while in Piva, there are various possibilities to make your stay active and unforgettable. From hiking, kayaking, swimming, fishing, rafting to having fun using the zip line, jeep safari arrangements, cycling tours and horseback riding. In addition, accommodation facilities in Nature Park Piva are authentic and you can choose from staying in the town of Plužine or spending the nights in one of the ethno villages around and sleep in bungalows or under the tent in one of many auto-camps.

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Katarina Kalicanin

Katarina Kalicanin

I am Katarina and the country I know the most is definitely my own: Montenegro. Active hiker constantly in touch with nature, I am eager to present my country to the world.

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