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Most iconic bridges in Paris: Bir-Hakeim

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If you are looking for a perfect spot in Paris to make some great pictures, then you should definitely see Bir-Hakeim Bridge. This two-level bridge has a very interesting structure and a beautiful view over the Eiffel Tower and the banks of the River Seine. So, it is not unusual to see people taking their wedding pictures here. This bridge is also a favorite spot of many Parisian fashion bloggers and a place, that was used as a set for many commercials and movies. From this bridge, you will have access to the 11.5 meters high replica of the Statue of Liberty from 1889. During the 14th July fireworks, this is also a perfect place to enjoy the show.

Bir-Hakeim Bridge, Paris
Bir-Hakeim Bridge, Paris
Bir-Hakeim, 75015 Paris, France


Built at the beginning of the 20th century, Bir-Hakeim Bridge was designed by a famous French architect Jean-Camille Formigé. This bridge, made of steel, has a two-level structure. The lower structure is imagined as a place for cars, bicycles and pedestrians, while the upper level is reserved for the rails of the metro line 6. The bridge is also decorated with monumental stone statues, which represent Science and Labor, made by French sculptor Jules-Felix Coutan, and Electricity and Commerce, by Jean Antoine Injalber. Also, on this bridge, you can see an equestrian statue “La France renaissant”, made by the sculptor Holger Wederkinch and donated in 1930 to the City of Paris by the Danish community. Bir-Hakeim Bridge is listed as a French historical monument since July 1986.

New name

Originally called the Pont de Passy, the bridge was renamed in 1949. The idea was to commemorate a very important battle from the World War II, named the Battle of Bir-Hakeim, that took place in June 1942 in the Libyan desert, opposing the 1st Free French Brigade against the Axis forces of Panzerarmee Afrika. For the ninth anniversary of the "Appeal of 18 June", a famous speech by Charles de Gaulle in 1940 considered as the start of the French Resistance, the Parisian authorities organized a major commemorative event in the presence of many important French political and military officials. General Charles de Gaulle himself, who was present at this event, delivered a speech and a bridge was officially renamed – The Bir-Hakeim Bridge.

Photo Credit © iStockPhoto/Alexandre_C
Photo Credit © iStockPhoto/Alexandre_C


Bir-Hakeim Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in Paris. You can see this bridge in many movies, TV shows, commercials and music clips. Let me mention just some of them: “Last Tango in Paris” from 1972, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci and starring Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider, as well as "Inception", a movie from 2010 directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Ellen Page and Leonardo DiCaprio. One scene of the American TV Show “Dexter” was also filmed at Bir-Hakeim Bridge. And in 1990, an American singer Janet Jackson shot there a clip for her song “Come Back to Me”.

Photo Credit © iStockPhoto/RudyBalasko

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