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Sail in peaceful and quiet waters of Telašćica Nature park

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No matter if you are owner of a luxury yacht or just you got small boat. Or like me you own none of those two. It’s enough to be in love with nature, sea and calm and peaceful places. Well, it’s possible. And in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. Also, besides this peace and quiet water of Telašćica Nature park (also part of Telašćica bay) here you will see cliffs and lake in the middle of the sea. Believe it or not. So let’s see where, when and how.

First take a look on the areal view of the Telašćica Nature park:

Like I mentioned in the first paragraph no matter if you own a vessel or not those quiet waters of Adriatic Sea can be your perfect refuge from the wild waters and crowded beaches. Located on the southern part of the Long Island (Otok Dugi) Telašćica Nature park is well-known for its bay, salty Lake Peace (Jezero Mir) located in the southern part of the Long island (Otok Dugi). This nature park is actually big natural port in the Adriatic. That’s this a favorite spot for many vessel owners but also for visitors on the Croatian coast.

The other nature phenomenon is lake on the island. The name of the lake is Mir which means Peace. It's not accidental that this lake has this very name. Water in the lake is salty. The best view on the lake one can have only from the sky or from the nearby cliffs. When mentioning cliffs – cliffs in Telašćica Nature park are the biggest in the Adriatic Sea – 160 m of height and 85 m more under the sea level.

Jezero Mir (Lake Peace)
Jezero Mir (Lake Peace)

Telašćica Nature park has been protected nature park since 1980’s. It’s easy approachable from the city of Zadar. Prices and fees for this protected nature park you can find on the official website of the park. So after visiting National Park Kornati sail in peaceful waters of Telašćica Nature park. In the proximity are as well National park Krka, National park Paklenica and also Nature park Vransko jezero.

Telašćica bay
Telašćica bay
Nature Park Telašćica, Croatie

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