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Spring getaway suggestions in Sweden

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Spring is the perfect season to experience Sweden. It is the time when the winter is nothing but a memory, the nature turns green, and the Swedes look forward to summer. Here is why and where to visit Sweden for a spring break.

January can be gloomy after a long season of festivities that have left your wallet empty. What is then better than planning a weekend trip for spring? Here are some of the best cities to visit for a weekend in Sweden during the spring season.


Borgholm is a small, old, and unique city located on the island Öland in the Baltic Sea. The city is known to be one of the best historically preserved Swedish towns, thus making it a perfect destination for those who love to stroll around and explore old architecture. Borgholm Fortress is today a ruin of a once-magnificent fortress. It is also the most famous building on the island of Öland.

Other than its history, Borgholm offers relaxation in the form of spas, golf, good accommodation options, and high-class restaurants.

©Flickr/ Håkan Dahlström
©Flickr/ Håkan Dahlström


Varberg is a beautiful coastal town on Sweden’s west coast. Most tourists visit the Varberg open-air bath. Sweden has a longstanding tradition of open-air baths, which are usually taken after a hot sauna.

Varberg has since the 19th century been famous for its spa facilities. The spa in Varberg is, therefore, very traditional and of high-quality. Check-in to the spa resort and get ready to be pampered and relaxed!

Varberg is also known for the radiostation of Grimeton. The radio station is today a UNESCO world heritage site.



Sweden’s capital Stockholm, with its medieval old city and closeness to the ocean and nature, is a perfect destination for a weekend trip. Enjoy a weekend of fantastic architecture, fine dining, trendy coffee shops, hipster neighborhoods, and cocktail bars open until the early morning.


Another famous destination for spas is Ystad. Located in the very south of Sweden, Ystad is a small and charming coastal town. Here lies the spa resort called Ystad Saltsjöbad, which is one of the best Swedish retreats.

There are plenty of activities in and around Ystad. If you like the outdoors, there are several good hiking trails just outside the town. Several companies also offer guided boat tours on the ocean, for instance, together with one of the many fishermen working in the harbor. And do not forget to visit the famous Ystad Monastery from the 13th century.

Sweden has plenty of unique cities, perfect for a weekend trip. Whether you are looking for a relaxing trip or a big city adventure, Sweden has it all!

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