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The most delicious bagel in Belgrade

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Bagel Bejgl delicacies with a social impact

Some like them toasted, others like them with cream cheese and salmon. It is said that they are a New York style food to go, a quick, fulfilling bite that will instantly relieve your hunger and make you happy. It’s majesty – the bagel. If you are fan of American food, and yet you are not in the states, here is another spot in Serbian capital, that offers you the best and the most delicious bagels in Belgrade, Bagel Bejgl.

Bagel Bagel store in Belgrade
Bagel Bagel store in Belgrade
39 Kneza Danila st., Belgrade, Serbia

This place it is not just about grabbing a bagel and eating it while walking, because that is definitely not in the spirit of Serbian culinary culture. Bagel Bejgl is a unique place - for enjoying and relaxing, completely letting go to the wonderful taste. What makes this place so amazing, apart from the incredible taste and smell of the world-famous baked goods in the heart of Serbian capital is the fact that the bagels are created to support the fight against human trafficking. It is said that every city must have its own bagel shop to be a big city. Belgrade has also got one - an oasis of good taste in which you must feel good, because you have given yourself a delightful pleasure, and at the same time contributed to making the world a better place.

This space, people and concept are part of a struggle that has lasted more than twelve years - the struggle for a just society of equal rights, which promotes diversity and solidarity. Bagel Bejgl is a social enterprise founded by the NGO Athens - an organization that has been advocating for the rights of victims of human trafficking and other forms of exploitation since 2003. In addition to having a distinctive ethical component, this is a unique place to enjoy and relax with the incredible taste and smell of the world-renowned pastry that is finally present in the beautiful Belgrade. Therefore, the main aim of this place is a substantial social impact. And trust me, Bagel Bejgl excels in that.

As soon as you enter the shop and get a hit of that smell - everything will be clear to you. Bagels are produced from selected varieties of domestic flour, in a process that resembles the same one at home. Additions are chosen among the most fresh and high quality foods. After one bite, you will fall in love with them. What is even better is that all the profits of this social enterprise are directed to support programs for victims and their recovery, and at the same time it will be a place for their ongoing practice and training. Given that most of the recognized victims of human trafficking in Serbia belong to the younger population group, for many of them this will be an opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills and experience for the first time in order to get to work as easily as possible. For now, Bagel Bejgl employs five people and has a plan to further develop

I hope this was already intriguing enough to go and visit this amazing place Bagel Bejgl, because not that often can will eat the best bagel in Belgrade and contribute to a great social cause,

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