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Varese is a lively town located in Northern Italy, 55 km north of Milan, on a hilly territory. Its surroundings are rich in rivers and lakes and the city lies at the feet of Sacro Monte di Varese, part of the Campo dei Fiori mountain range. Varese is called “Città Giardino” ("the Garden City")and this is the name that perfectly describes the marriage between art and nature which, from many centuries, characterizes the very soul of the city. Its landscape, its architectural and artistic beauties have been appreciated especially since the 18th century, when the city became a holiday destination for prestigious italian families. As a result, also in the Varese area numerous Art Nouveau-style villas and hotels were built. The entrepreneurial genius joined the artistic one, setting in a harmonious and soul-stirring landscape. Since the last century, Varese has excellence in sport (basketball, football, rowing and road bicycle racing) and also in the industrial field (aircrafts, motorbikes, shoes, briar pipes and kitchen furniture). Varese's touristic is fit to satisfy the requests of every visitor, adults or children, in fact the city is also full of child orientated and family friendly places to visit. this is a list to help you to enjoy your family day trips, whether you wish to find a fun swimming pool, a good place to sledge, playgrounds, animal parks, cycle paths, castles, the list is long and well worth investigating!

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