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A nostalgic ride through time with the Serbian Orient Express

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Travel Tips For Beograd

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Once a month, Serbian Railways can take you on the exciting ride through the meadows of Vojvodina and the gates of time - in an old-fashioned train from the 1930s. The train is a product of restoration and patient preserving of the authentic furniture and decorations. Every last Saturday of the month you can jump aboard and enjoy a slow, nostalgic ride through time with the Serbian Orient Express while meeting the likewise nostalgic souls and learning a bit about Serbian history in an authentic setting. The train has a character of an interactive museum exhibition, and besides showing the retro train interior from the 1930s, it also promotes the touristic side of the Northern Serbian region.

"The Romance" railway
"The Romance" railway
BELGRADE CENTER-Prokop (BEOGRAD CENTAR-Prokop), Beograd, Serbia

The route of the nostalgic ride

The vintage trains leave from Belgrade and slowly slide towards the idyllic village of Sremski Karlovci. This scenic train ride is symbolically named “The Romance” but much more often referred to as “The Serbian Orient Express.” The ride takes you through the endless flowery fields of Vojvodina with the distant contours of the loneliest Serbian mountain, Fruska Gora.

The train includes a bar and restaurant, so you can sip a tea, and get inspired by the old-fashioned shriek of the steam locomotive. Besides the monthly rides with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd class restored trains, there are sometimes organized tours to the various cultural and traditional events in the country.

Sremski Karlovci
Sremski Karlovci
5WJV+CP Sremski Karlovci, Serbia

The vintage ride is complemented with a free time for walking and exploring the picturesque village of Sremski Karlovci. You will discover the magnificent buildings of baroque and neoclassical architecture, which look like they don’t belong to a small village with only 5.000 inhabitants. Sremski Karlovci successfully preserved the spirit of old times and are famous both locally and internationally for its long winemaking tradition. What else can you wish for than a delicious wine, a relaxing walk in a fancy ambient and a nostalgic train ride that evokes the memories of movies and gentlemen with cylinder hats and women in the long puffy gowns?

A perfect excursion for the special occasions

This nostalgic ride through time with the Serbian Orient Express is perfect for special occasions like weddings, engagement parties, or anniversaries. No wonder that it’s one of the top three unique romantic getaways, that you can choose to surprise the partner with an unconventional ride through history, but towards a mutual future. Several movies and music videos were filmed in “The Romance” train, but it’s not extremely expensive and is available to the public. The lovers of railways, history buffs, nostalgic souls, anyone can rent a wagon or even a whole train in order to tell their unique story in a specific atmosphere that makes everyone sentimental towards the times long passed.

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