Å - World's shortest place name

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It has been awarded the prize as the most beautiful part of Lofoten, Norway. It was me who gave the award. This is not subjectivism speaking. For once, I actually have some facts. Å is much more than the world's shortest place name, it is also a secret place you probably have not heard of.

Å is located on the Moskenes island in Lofoten. It lays on the toe of the islands. Å is the civilization most far-out on the Lofoten islands.

Check out The Lofoten islands for the grand view of the place. For more fish, check out the Balkan version called The Ohrid fish soup. For something to do in Norway's neighbor country, go to Kiruna, The ice hotel, and The northern lights.

The fisherman's cabins

The fisherman's cabins are still used by active fishermen! It has become more common the last years to turn the cabins into a place of recreational activity. That is also true in Å, which shows that these places have multiple purposes. For example, you can rent a room in an old fisherman's cabin! How amazing would it be to live inside of the construction of the most Norwegian house that you can find! The people of Lofoten is well known for making a small village relevant to the market.

Å in Lofoten
Å in Lofoten
Å, Norge

The fish

''The fisherman who has little patience goes to Svolvær. The one who is taking the gold is going to Å.''

My grandfather said this and he was from Lofoten. What I got from this is that Svolvær has a lot of fish and you get a catch pretty easily without too much effort. If you're a more hardcore fisherman who really wants to get a lot of points in the fisherman hierarchy, you go to Å. The cost is that it will take you more time. The benefit is that you get a bigger fish. Note down that this theory is based on individual observations and not big statistical research. Still, we have noted this like the nomads in Africa noted that the lions would usually eat you if you sleep with them.

The Trash

Lofoten is facing a trash challenge. The tourists are pouring in because it is awesome here. The bad part is when a lot of them is only staying here for a bit and don't look at the place as their own or even as someone else's place. I think tourists look at this as public space, which is an imaginary concept which takes away ownership and responsibility from everyone. That is the bad part. The good part is that Å is very small and have fewer people and therefore fewer people with this view of the place.

Dry fish museum

The oldest Norwegian export product has a museum in Å called ''Tørrfisk museum''! Dry fish is cod that is dried. Like Roquefort, Dry fish is a protected brand by the EU for some reason. At the museum, they will tell you stuff like this: The dry fish became popular in Italy after some Italian sailors tasted it in Norway in the 1400s. Then they made it a big deal in Italy. Norway still ships tons down there. Fun fact: the north of Italy prefer the dry fish slim, while the south prefer it as Snoop Dogg would put it: ''Thick''.

They will tell you more things than this, it's not only stuff about Italy.

Dry fish Lofoten
Dry fish Lofoten
Verftsgata 33, 8300 Svolvær, Norge

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