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Find your hiking path: Lofoten, Norway

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Travel Tips For Vågan

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This a guide for how to be on the top of the world in Lofoten. Here are a few guidelines to how you can reach the best views for yourself in Lofoten. To find your hiking path can be difficult in Lofoten because there's so much to choose from. Maybe you like difficult paths, easy paths, or even secret paths. I have chosen the essential paths which are very trendy this year for you to see what options there are to choose from.

Lofoten has numerous remarkable things about it. For example, the shortest place name in the world, and a meditational feeling circling it.

Pathways that lead to other ends in Europe include The mini Grand Canyon in Serbia and Elba islands in Italy.

1. Dalfaret, Osan, Svolvær

The fun one

Return trip: 1h

Difficulty: Basic

Start: Osan, Svolvær, Norway

This one is particularly entertaining because it is not challenging and you get to wander in woods that looks like a fantasy movie. It's almost as if trolls are going to rise up and take you to their grotto at any moment. This is the trail for going on a picnic in the mountains. The top is called ''Linken Fjelltur''.

Dalfaret, Osan, Norway
Dalfaret, Osan, Norway
Linken fjelltur, Dalfaret 30-40, 8300 Svolvær, Norway

2. Stuvdalsvatnet, Sørvågen

The piece of cake

Return trip: 1h

Difficulty: Basic

Start: Matkroken Sørvågen

This is the most basic path you can encounter. It is not steep and it is very straightforward. It has the most astonishing view of the water that I have ever spotted. It is very extraordinary and possibly the most impressive water in Lofoten.

Stuvdalsvatnet Sørvågen Norway
Stuvdalsvatnet Sørvågen Norway
Stuvdalsvatnet, Moskenes, Norge

3. Reinebringen, Reine

The boss

Return trip: 3h

Difficulty: Hard

Start: Reine

It is a short objective to walk. Nevertheless, it demands a lot of time because it is heavy. A lot of people is keen to explore challenging paths, and they go here to encounter that. Don't be fooled by the range of this path. The length doesn't suggest that it is not challenging. It's like touching a hot plate and suddenly time passes much more slowly. This is a hardcore trekking route that a person dedicated to taking challenges will fancy.

Reinebringen Lofoten, Norway
Reinebringen Lofoten, Norway
Reinebringen, Moskenes, Norge

Kai pro tips about your trip:

Review the weather forecast and notice the shift for every hour. It varies a lot and quickly in Lofoten.

There's few vehicles on the road. When you see that it says ''The highway'' you'll be positively surprised by the lack of cars. There are occasional German caravan drivers around, but that's okay.

There are not enough people walking these paths to make a friendly and effective cafe on the height of the hills. That's why you must carry your own food, which might appear negative. However, this indicates that you get to choose your own food and not to eat the overpriced baguette of the destination on the hill.

By the way, you can drink the water from the lakes. It is even fresher than what you get from the sink because it hasn't been run through any pipes.

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Kai Bonsaksen

Kai Bonsaksen

I'm Kai from Norway. I always follow that little voice in my head that tells me to go and explore new places … and on itinari, I talk about the ones I know the best!

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