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Håkvik, Norway - Foreigners don't know this place

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Travel Tips For Håkvika

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Are you curious to observe the least touristic destination in Norway to genuinely undergo the most local thing in the world? Would you desire to see a community of roughly only Norwegian people with a steady life and family? Then Håkvik, Norway is for you. Foreigners have no idea that this place exists.

Håkvik Norway
Håkvik Norway
Håkvika, Norge

With our 713 people, it is hard to feel lost in the crowd. With zero hotels, you don't have to deal with tourists that takes up all the space. The garbage on the streets doesn't come from strangers but comes from rebellious kids. With our 713 people, you will find 32 different types of Christianity in this area.

We have essentially zero violence if you don't count the monthly ''situation'' in the primary school. In speculation, we are living in an utopia. Picture 2-year-old kids strolling the streets alone! No parents or siblings. It's that innocent here. They have comparable areas of Sweden too that is now being misused because of the faith that the people are giving to the community. You see more burglaries there. Not more violence, just burglaries. This is not occurring in Håkvik yet. We still have that ''community'' trust. I hope that info wont make thieves come here.

We have playful activities here. We have the farm. It has an event every Saturday where you can stare at cows and rabbits and horses and so on. There are super fascinating hiking trails around here. What we managed to do as kids were to go on to the top of the mountain just so that we could run down the trail like in an action movie. You can carry your bike and ride down too. It's the inventive adrenalin activity we did before we wedded our computer and had affairs with our smartphones.

In Norway, it is legal to camp where you like in the woods. We actually encourage this in our law. The jurisdiction is that you shouldn't bother anyone who is near. Then you can get fined. You don't have to hide though. It's also the safest place on earth here in Håkvik. We have the kindergarten with swings and slides. Remember that Håkvik is very exclusive because foreigners don't know this place.

Easiest: Plane to the Evenes airport. Car to Håkvik or airport bus to Narvik and then the bus from Narvik to Håkvik. Every plane has a bus connected to it for Narvik. The last bus goes 00:15 from Narvik. It's called ''Ankenesruten''.

It's the place with no life, it's the place of my life

Train: Stockholm - Narvik. It takes about 20 hours. And then the bus from Narvik to Håkvik. It goes 18:10 and 23:16 every day. Unless you're an adventurer, buy tickets some days in advance. The trains are often full. This is the trains webpage

If you count more trees as more life, then there's a lot of life

Oslo - Bodø with the train. Bodø - Håkvik with the bus. The bus goes twice a day. The bus takes 5 hours. It goes at 07:00 and 16:20 every day.

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