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The haunted bunkers of Narvik

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I want to share with you a little story of the bunkers of Narvik. The bunkers are from the military times of World War 2 when Norway had to protect itself from German imperialism.

France helped Norway a lot during the world war, they have memorials around France, too.

The story about Hans, the soldier

There is one tale of a guy called Hans. Hans was a German soldier who battled hard for the German regime to take over Norway. He is said to have died in the Bunkers of Narvik. First, his foot was shot off, and he didn't bring his crutches, so he had to crawl and hide. It is said that he is still haunting the bunkers. He watches over you and still has the goal of taking over our beautiful Norwegian town called Narvik. Even though he died, that doesn't mean he is gone, at least, so it is said.

The story remains consistent

The scary thing about this story is that the people who tell you what they experienced in this bunker tell the same story no matter how old they are or where they are from. This story keeps being told by people unfamiliar with the actual events. Does that make the story of Hans truer?

The people who come back from the bunkers tell that Hans has a goal of getting rid of the Norwegians and giving the country to the true owner, Germany. He is always described with one foot and, he looks very pessimistic. Maybe the pessimism in his head shows that his goal will not be achieved, and he is aware of that.

Trolls and mysticism

We have a lot of stories of trolls and mystical creatures. Those are very scary. Norwegian people are more comfortable in their cars than in the woods. The car might hurt them at any moment, which is statistically accurate because around 80 people died in traffic accidents since 2010 in Norway. However, they are much more afraid of being alone in the woods where there might be trolls who have killed 0 people since ever... Or so we are told...

The fairytale part of the story

© istock/Axel Odevik
© istock/Axel Odevik

This story of Hans is also mystical like the trolls because it contains an after-life element to it. The scary thing is that 70-80 years ago, people like Hans was actually here. They didn't exactly have the Norwegians well-being in their thoughts.

Local legends are common in Narvik

There are multiple local legends in Narvik. The storyline tends to switch when different people describe it. That's why the story of Hans is interesting because the story and the details remain steady.

The bunkers

The bunkers around my city have shaped me as a person and taught me a lot about not being naive to everything. It shows me that actions and worldviews have real-life consequences, and I am happy that I found that out early. The bunkers are a physical showcasing of that.

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