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Have you heard of the Norwegian village Lødingen?

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Travel Tips For Nordland

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Lødingen is a modest town in the north of Norway and located in Lofoten. It is famous for fishing, nature and overall awesomeness.

Additional settlements around here include Å in Lofoten, Bjerkvik, and the hiking paths of Lofoten.

Another northern country with a fairytale tale castle is possible to visit in Germany!

Active ways to act on the other side of Europe if you can't reach Lødingen is down in the Balkans and includes Active vacations in Bohinj.

By the way, while you're down there in the Balkans, remember that you can have Tavche Gravche.

Lødingen is full of smiles

It's not ''locals only'' even though most people are locals.

Local from Lødigen:

By visiting us you are complimenting us. This is why I act in an extra friendly manner to foreigners!

They are not so anxious here.

They are very inviting to new people. It has to be stated that there is a very solid Norwegian population here who are excited by tourists.

Why they are kind

This is because they consume a lot of fish and frozen pizza here. In bigger cities, the people don't smile like they do here. I noticed one thing, the smile that they give is a calm smile. In bigger cities you see someone laugh excitingly at their phone or with their friends. The smile of Lødingen is the kind of smile that an old lady has. Not only old ladies have this smile here.

Things to do includes getting some fish dishes from Norway pelagic!

Norway pelagic
Norway pelagic
Industriveien 4, 8410 Lødingen, Norge

Lødingen is the place to forget about your phone

You can take pictures and make the standard selfie in the fishing boat with the crew. However, this is kind of not what Lødingen is designed for. The place started with guys who had enough of people and stress and bureaucracy and such. When they realized they could go here and be more left alone to their own devices they went and took care of their family here. The place is for those who are ready for nature. Both the sea nature and mountain nature.

Lødingen makes you think clearly

The second best water in the world is in Lødingen. They are right after Narvik, and the freshest air in the world is here if you don't count the upper parts of Greenland and down in Antarctica. It has stores and restaurants, and graveyards, and schools. Although, the people who live here are relaxed. That's because they are not bothered by being in someones way all the time like in a big city. This makes you able to think and have ideas. An activity idea would be to make a drawing of your idea of Lødingen in the grass (People pick up their dog's personal production here, so it's safe).

Lødingen is 1 hour from Sortland, 3,5 hours from Narvik. 1,5 hours from Svolvær.

Northern lights!

For the winter times here, there is an incredible opportunity to look at the northern lights! I always want to emphasize that when I can. From Trondheim and up, you can see amazing northern lights during the winter. The northern lights are actually here during summer, too. The problem is that the sun shines so brights and takes the attention away. Just as the saying on my notebook says: ''The northern lights only shines when the sky is dark''.

Lødingen, Lofoten, Norway
Lødingen, Lofoten, Norway
Lødingen, Norge

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