Assisi, art and beauty

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On the west slopes of the Subasio mountain surrounded by the low hills typical of this part of Italy the city of Assisi rises up. This medieval style town has gain a worldwide fame thanks to its most famous citizen, Saint Francis, and the religious order created by him. Throughout the centuries the relevance of the order, therefore of the city, increased dramatically, bringing along a very significant amount of wealth; it is thanks to these two factors that Assisi became a focal point of the development of Italian and European art and architecture.

Without any doubt the two Basilicas, built one on top of the other one thus called Superiore and Inferiore, are the most representative images of the town. Inside the Upper Basilica you’ll find a series of frescos by Renaissance painter Giotto depicting the life of the Saint, and others brilliant works by some of the most relevant Italian artists of the time such as Cimabue and Lorenzetti. The Lower Basilica also contains exceptional paintings and remarkable gothic-roman architecture designs. Beneath the Basilica a small crypt was built to host the body of the Saint.

Assisi’s masterpieces, though, are not just Saint Francis related. The temple of Minerva is, for example, a surprising perfectly preserved Ancient Roman piece of architecture that will impress any visitor as much as the Basilica. The façade of the temple is situated on a side of the central square of the city that is itself a beautiful location. The three-lion fountain, the city hall building, and the “People Tower” complete the square making it one of the most fascinating you will see while travelling in Italy.

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Federico Spadoni

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