Mercato delle Gaite, Medieval Daily Life in Bevagna

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Bevagna is the typical Umbrian village you’d expect to find while crossing through the hills: what you see are narrow alleys, cobblestones street and buildings, and pointy bell towers, what you feel is the medieval past and its cosy and quiet atmosphere. Here, though, unlike in the other villages around, you’d be able to really witness the mediaeval life and traditions with your own eyes, thanks to the residents of Bevagana and its Gaite.

For ten days per year the whole town works together to put up an incredible historic re-enactment as true as possible to XXIII and XXII centuries’ lifestyles. The town’s four neighbourhoods (Gaite) challenge themselves to a re-enactment competition, so to speak, in four different fields: Market, Crafts, Gastronomy, and Archery. This makes the village completely involved in the manifestation, really creating a special mood. On the streets, carefully reproduced, you’ll find mediaeval food stands, workshops, and inns with residents taking part in everything inviting the strangers to enjoy and discovery a rare chance.

The “truest” Gaita is pronounced the winner, the decision process involves assigning points according to how true the re-enactment was (what must be the criteria for being a judge, you say) and brings home the Palio of Victory as trophy. But is the spirit and the involvement of the participants which stands out the most, along with the of the exhibition’s detail accuracy.

Il Mercato delle Baite is a great peculiarity of Bevagna that enrich the reasons why this lovely town should be more visited: listed among Italy’s best hamlets, a visit to Bevagna offers you culture, history, and good wine (Sagrantino Wine is produced in the surrounding areas).

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Federico Spadoni

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