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Batumi – A Pearl of the Black Sea

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It’s still a long time before summer, however, keep in mind a great destination that I highly recommend you.

When you start thinking about how to spend summer, keep in mind that Batumi always waits for you! This lovely place is the second-largest city in Georgia. It is located in Adjara, which is one of the most beautiful regions in Georgia. European architects have put a huge effort in the development of Batumi at the beginning of 20th century and nowadays this city is a center of architectural innovation.

If you are a sea lover, enjoy sunsets and nightlife, then this city is for you!

Old Batumi

While visiting Batumi don’t miss the city’s oldest part, which is very interesting to see. It was founded in the 8th century, which is located between the seaport and the Boulevard. You will definitely love the architecture, which includes nice balconies and building facades. Feel the renovated ancient times and you will realize that our possibilities are endless.

Batumi Boulevard

When I am walking down this boulevard I always remember Barceloneta. I was always wondering why I have these feelings and then I found out that a Spanish architect designed and constructed a new, super modern Batumi boulevard. I guess he left there a piece of his style and that’s why many people compare these places to each other. This seaside boardwalk is 7 km long and it is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Batumi. The Boulevard is for all kinds of visitors, as you will find here nice bungalows, cafes, restaurant’s, children’s attractions and amazing dancing fountains.

Batumi Botanical Garden

Since 1912 Batumi Botanical Garden gives to its visitors an opportunity to see one of the widest range of flora in the world. This wild and exotic place will dive you into the different world. The garden is stretched over 100 hectares and contains flora from many different areas. The best time to see the botanical garden is during the summer and preferably, it should be explored by foot in order to feel this beauty better.

Piazza Batumi

Piazza is one of the most beautiful squares in Georgia. This place is perfect for tourists especially for people who enjoy live concerts as the square has become a very popular international entertainment venue during past years. It is hosting concerts that are held by many famous Georgian and foreigner performers.

Makhuntseti Waterfall

Almost everybody loves hot summer days. However, sometimes the temperature goes really really high! If you want to relax from city life and feel cool summer breeze I advise you to visit Makhuntseti Waterfall. Just one hour drive from Batumi and you are there! This waterfall is located near the town of Keda. It is 335 meters above sea level. You can have a nice picnics here and make your mind cooler as the water is quite cold there. Do not miss the ancient Makhuntseti Bridge that is made out of stone. It is also known as King Tamara's Bridge. The bridge is located at a walking distance from the waterfall.

At the end of your trip, don’t leave Adjara Region without tasting their traditional dish “Adjarian Khachapuri”, which is also called "Cheeseboat" by the tourists. Let this unbelievable taste make you remember this place forever!

Adjarian House in Batumi
Adjarian House in Batumi
Batumi, Georgia
Makhuntseti bridge and waterfall
Makhuntseti bridge and waterfall
Batumi Boulevard
Batumi Boulevard
Batumi bulvari, Batumi Boulevard, Batumi 6010, Georgia

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