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Egg tapping – Easter and spring in Continental Croatia

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Easter is a holiday that is (almost) always celebrated in the spring time. That’s why many domestic customs are connected and correlated with pagan beliefs and paganism. Coloring eggs is definitely Christian custom that is retained in Croatia. The most famous announcement of the spring is egg tapping and coloring Easter eggs. Let’s see how you can celebrate Easter in Continental Croatia. And how to enjoy Easter holidays on Croatian coast I wrote in a separate story.

Food. A lot of food

First and for travelers very important is that around Easter there are many non-working days (like Friday-Monday; Easter is always Sunday). Second and also important for Easter in Croatia you will have fun and you will eat. A lot. Just like for Christmas, people in Croatia love to prepare various dishes for family and friends. So, usually this is family celebration but also some bars and restaurants will be open. In majority of the cases families will prepare few dishes and roasted pork among them.

It’s all about eggs

Eggs are all around. Like in many other countries, in Croatia as well, families will paint eggs. Back in the days people used natural colors to color the eggs and those natural colors they could make using plants from forests or gardens. Nowadays we can use artificial colors and to see all those colorful eggs. Among them you will see special decorated eggs. Decorate eggs and Easter bunnies are everywhere. Big decorated eggs you will find in Zagreb on the main square or in front of the cathedral you’ll see them. And in Zagreb’s Ethnographic museum you can see the world’s best collection of colored eggs - pisanice.

In Međimurje region on pisanice - colored eggs they put message like this egg is given for a kiss. In north-western Croatia people gather in front of the church and around big bonfires called vuzmenke.

Definitely the most famous are Easter games. If you don’t have it in your country then in Croatia you should experience egg tapping – old competition or better known as “egg fight” or “egg knocking”. The one who brakes opponent’s both sides of the egg wins the game and - the egg.

For instance, the practice was mentioned to have played an important part in the 14th century in Zagreb in relation to the Easter festival.

This is maybe the best time to visit Northern and Eastern Croatia before it becomes too hot and too crowded. I already wrote about great food in Eastern Croatia but during Easter apart from food you will enjoy welcoming the spring with colorful festive atmosphere.

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