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Exploring Maglic Fortress, a medieval adventure through the heart of Serbia

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In the heart of central Serbia, there lies the forgotten ruins of a medieval fortress, sitting lonely atop the steep hills and covered in the mist of mystery and old lore.

Maglic fortress
Maglic fortress
Maglic Fort 36341 Bogutovac Raski county, Maglic, Serbia

Maglic Fortress near Kraljevo looks as fascinating as it sounds. From the hilltop, it overlooks the medieval lilac valley of the Ibar river and bestows charming vistas towards the surrounding mountains and hills. The residues of a once military fortification give us a glimpse of the old times and an ancient town, where the Serbian kings lived, but that was geographically lost after the wars, change of rulers and dynasties, and an unstoppable flood of time. Exploring Maglic Fortress promises for a haunting medieval adventure through the heart of Serbia, that brings together the best of Serbian nature, history and mysteries.

History and tales of Maglic Fortress

Positioned on one of the hills of the mountain Stolovi, Maglic fortress is one of the best preserved medieval Serbian fortifications. The mountain peaks of Stolovi had carried an effusive value, long before the fort was even built. As the local legends imply, they were home to the ancient Slavic Gods.

During the rainy autumn days, a dense fog from the nearby Ibar river rises over the ramparts of the fortress, giving an intimidating look to its eight towers that rise proudly to reach the clouds. The fortress dates back to the 13. century, and there are a few theories around how it was built. Many sources suggest that the founder was the archbishop Danilo II, an educated and well-respected close friend of the king. The other theorists suggest that Maglic was built by the king Stefan I himself, as a military fortification aiming to protect the Serbian kingdom from the barbarian attacks from the North and the East.

Canyon of Ibar as a time travel machine

The river Ibar meanders around the hill that carries the Maglic ruins, making the fortress well protected from three sides. The canyon of river Ibar is like a time machine of sorts. It hides the majestic monasteries dating back to the 11th century, an inspiring medieval lilac valley, and traces of royal past and glory.

The ruins of Maglic fortress dominate the landscape of the Ibar river valley and guard the entrance to the most beautiful part of the canyon. You can complement your visit to Maglic with the Ibar valley hike or tour of the Zica monastery, 800-year-old cultural monument, protected by the UNESCO, or nearby Studenica, another silent witness of the passing centuries. While there, it’s also good to visit the Mataruska Spa, in which mineral waters both Roman and Serbian kings bathed, during their times of glory. Surrounded by six mountains, and hiding many remote monasteries and churches, the Ibar River remains guarded by Maglic Fortress and offers an undiscovered medieval adventure through the heart of Serbia.

Zica Monastery
Zica Monastery
Žica 36 221, Serbia

For the best experience, visit the fortress during the spring, when the lilacs are flowering, and their smell saturates the air and intertwines with a mist rising from the river. Finish off your medieval adventure in Kraljevo, while sipping coffee and contemplating on tour through the heart of Serbia. Exploring Maglic Fortress may leave you richer for a supreme medieval tour experience, but also hungry for more.

Kraljevo, Serbia

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