Kon-tiki museum and Thor Heyerdahl

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The Kon-tiki museum is located in Oslo, Norway and is a museum dedicated to Thor Heyerdahl. Thor is one of history's most influential and important explorers. The most well-known thing he did was his Kon tiki trip. The Kon-tiki is the raft that they sailed from Peru to Polynesia.

The Museum experience

In the museum you'll get to see the original things that Thor and his crew used during their trip. That means the video camera they filmed their documentary with, their clothes, and most importantly the actual Kon-tiki raft!

Kon-Tiki museum
Kon-Tiki museum
Bygdøynesveien 36, 0286 Oslo, Norvège

Facts part 1

The trip was about 8000 km and took 101 days.

The plan was to prove that it is possible for the South-American people to travel over the Pacific to Polynesia on balsa rafts. The original Kon-tiki raft was a balsa raft because of this. He had to ride it first hand to get attention from the world.

Like the science teacher

You know when the teacher in science class makes a balloon burn with a type of liquid or something like that? This project of travelling the ocean is like that where the burning balloon is the Raft and ocean while the people of the class is the people of the world.

Facts part 2

This guy is extra cool in today's Norway because he also cared about the environment and peace in the world.

He did some insanely important foundings on the Galapagos, Túcume, and even the Easter Island!

''Kon-tiki'' is the Inka people's sun king and priest. They supposedly lived by the ocean and left with the Kon-tiki raft when they were almost made distinct by a neighbouring tribe. The Kon-tiki character is according to Thor Heyerdahl the tribe father to the population of Polynesia.

A documentary of Kon-tiki was made during the floating trip and came out in 1950.

The Kon-tiki movie was released in 2012 and was so close to winning the Oscar for the ''best international film'' which a Chilean movie won instead. The film is both in Norwegian and English. Watch both because their English-Norwegian dialect is very funny to experience!

How to get here:

Bus 30 from Jernbanetorget (Oslo Central Station), Rådhuset (City Hall) and Solli plass every 10 min.

Ferry from Rådhuskaien (City Hall Pier) from April to October every 20 min. Stop nr. 2 Bygdøynes, 200 meters away from the Kon-Tiki Museum.

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