The best gelato in Lecce

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Italy is known and appreciated worldwide for its delicious and authentic food. Next to pizza, pasta, cheese and wine, ice cream is definitely one of the specialties the south European country is particularly popular for. All over Italy you can find delicious gelato, mostly handmade directly at the shop, and with a wide range of flavours.

You can't buy happiness. But you can buy ice cream and that's about the same thing

As a huge ice cream fan myself I tasted my way through Apulia and found my favorite gelato in Lecce. The “city of baroque” in the Salento peninsula is famous for its authentic and delicious food and its majestic architecture.

Without a doubt there are many good ice cream stores, but the one that particularly stands out, is the little ice cream shop “Settimo Cielo”. The little shop has a great central location, but it is so small that people barely notice it. Along with a freshly handmade gelato, they offer crepes, brioche, frozen yoghurt with a great variety of toppings, and typically italian granitas. Besides the common fruit and chocolate flavours, they specialise in creating tempting mixtures with popular sweets and chocolates like Kinder Bueno, Oreo, Snickers and caramel biscuits. Since everything is made by themselves, in many flavors you can still find those delicious crunchy chunks left from the candy bars. The Settimo cielo, which is translated as the "Seventh Heaven", really lives up to its name with its tasty and unique creations.

Gelateria Settimo Cielo
Gelateria Settimo Cielo
Via XXV Luglio, 26, 73100 Lecce LE, Italien

Whenever you are in Lecce, don’t miss out on the chance of tasting this uniquely tasty gelato and other irresistibly sweet creations.

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Sandra Marx

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